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Mirrorless Monday, Jan 10, 2022


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Do you know where/who/what the heraldic shield represents? Nothing to do with Daimler I assume.


Hi Robin, it has a lot to do with Daimler but not the Daimler you are probably thinking of. The photo is of the front of a Daimler bus of the 1950's, the Daimler company's factories were based mainly in Coventry when Coventry was a major centre for the British motor industry. This was back in the days when there was a British owned motor industry, it is now owned by Japan, Germany, India, France and America but that dates back to the start with Ford and General Motors. Here is a link to Wiki that may help explain. Daimler Company - Wikipedia .

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Hi Gerald,


Thanks! I see that the crest is actually that of Birmingham, although the supporters are reversed on the bus for some reason. So, I assume this means it was built there rather than Coventry.


Birmingham - Coat of arms (crest) of Birmingham

Hi again Robin, I stand corrected. A bit more research suggests it was a bus run by Birmingham City Transport and it is indeed the Birmingham city Coat of Arms and not the bus manufacturer. The Factory was still in Coventry.

Link: Birmingham City Transport Daimler CVD6 JOJ 707 at the Transport Museum Wythall

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