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Mirrorless Monday, Feb 1, 2021


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There is a lot of quality in this thread. And I count a total of five bird photos. Were we all riding the same vibe train last week?




Jeez, Karim, the highlights on your photo are blown to fck. I'm saying this in a helpful way; nothing else.


Drop some stops.

Yes, you are absolutely right. I wasn't shooting RAW, so perhaps it's a lesson to do that, even if I'm just shooting for the fun of it. The bird was in a moderately sized tree, and I'd say there was at least four stops between inside the tree and outside the tree.

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Same cow feeder as last week, this time with cows:


Olympus TG-320, monochrome in post.

If it looks oversharpened, it is, but the camera gives no control. Central cow looks like a cardboard cutout, original colour version looks considerably worse!

To be fair to the poor little Olympus, the amount of water on the lens probably didn't help matters.

I was soaked, the dog was soaked and the cows looked very unhappy indeed.

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