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Sony RX1 vs Sigma DP-1 Merrill


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Does anyone here have any experience with these two cameras? I am looking to get a camera (my Samsung S20 is my only current digital camera) and have narrowed it down to these two. I have previously owned an RX1 with the EVF and was mostly happy with it. I now really only shoot slow paced landscapes and objects, but a little flexability wouldn't hurt. However, there is a DP1M available at my local camera store that has me intrigued, and the image quality, at least at low ISO, is raved about. I shoot mostly B&W and I have also read that the Foveon sesnor is particularly well suited to this. I have also read that it is tedious to work with, but having owned Hasselblad, Pentax and Rolleicord (along with developing and scanning), I cannot see that the inconvenience could be that bad. I do prefer to work more methodically. Any input on the comparitive resolving power of these two cameras would be appreciated.


I should say that the RX1 with EVF that I am looking to purchase is similar in price to the DP1 Merrill.

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Thanks guys, I ended uip getting both. I got the RX1 for AUD$700, and used A7's with no lenses are going for AUD$850. I pick up the Sigma on Friday. I think I can use LIghroom with the Sigma raw files nowadays. I had the original X100 and sold it after a few month - did not like the camera. I bought it, so obviously I thought I would. I never could put my finger on why I didn't click with it.
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A little late in this discussion, but If you can get on with the proprietary software and fact the Sigma Merrill DP-1, 2 and 3 cameras are slow and clunky (and you have to shoot below 200 ISO), files are very sharp with fabulous colors. Oh, and the battery sucks too!


If you think of them as "

" cameras the Sigma DPs are actually superb!

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Since my last post I've also purchased a DP3 Quattro and also decided to move the Sony RX1 on because I just had no urge to use it after shooting with the Sigma cameras. They really do suit my style of shooting and I don't find any of the oft mentioned drawbacks to be an issue for me, at least not enough to worry me.
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