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Another excellent post, Marc, this one from the month when I was born. The color vs black and white article is most interesting, if one leaves aside the technical / fad comments, I also enjoyed the racing pictures article.


The Combat 70mm looks very much like a Fuji 6XX series. I have always wondered why 70mm never took off - maybe nobody invented a practical cartridge, or maybe MF photographers did not like to rewind, or maybe the format was just too expensive for massive use. BTW there were a few of these cameras on the famous auction site, as Graflex KE-4 models, not quite cheap. I like most the kit weight description in the article, 22 lbs. including the camel hair brush. Not really a travel camera.


Nikon was advertising lenses at the time, even for Canon cameras. I was glad to see a favorite, Vito II, advertised as new.


Please keep these coming!

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Rick - There is one listed on Ebay for $2560 as a Graflex KE-4 outfit. It looks like the individual camera go for about $1000.


Julio - Thanks for the information on this camera. The early 1950's were great for articles on color vs B&W. That may be the first Nikon ad that I have seen.


JDM - I never find anything of interest at garage sales. Everyone else seems to have stories of great items that they decided to pass up.

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