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Post Processing Challenge Saturday 15th July 2017

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Initially, I used Define 2 (NIK bundle) to scan for noise; having found some, I used its preset reduction level. In Color Efex, I then went to the pro contrast filter. After eliminating all but 35% of a color cast, I corrected the as-shot contrast by 20% and added "dynamic contrast" by 10%. After thinking for quite a while, I decided to utilize HDR Efex Pro2's "balanced" preset. Using its tonality menu, I decreased contrast by 7% and increased structure by 20%. Finally I used the sharpen tool in PSE15 to sharpen the area of shadows and to sharpen the buildings above.208595311_1463205_fea03f9434633a655a286a32ca3ce8eccopy.thumb.jpg.26f619fa4bd01a470c452796531d7b2d.jpg
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35905513626_3d1b42e6a8_b.jpgUntitled by Ron Hyde, on Flickr


Processed with DxO Optics Pro 11.4.2. Check level of horizon and it needed no adjustment. Selected "ClearView" at +50, used dropper to set WB based on the shadow side of the building at right. Moved Black point up to +19, cropped 5:4, positioning river at bottom left, raise EV +.77, pulled Highlights down -13.

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