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Where to buy good quality 35mm cameras and lenses?

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Hey there fellow photographer,

I have managed to get my hands on a Chinon Cm-7 from my local antique shop. It's working and I have uploaded a couple pictures to my portfolio however I'm looking to expand my collection with good quality machines ( that are still working )


P.S.: I got a Canon 500N

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KEH.com sells all types of camera's, condition rating is done very well and they have a good return/refund policy. Japan Camera Hunter is a good source if your looking for collector camera's or you just like expensive gear such as Leica/Hasselblad etc. Goodwill.com has non returnable auctions and they have a vast inventory of camera's and stuff. Some of it goes dirt cheap and some of it does not. However if it does not function then your just toast as you cannot get a refund. Edited by rossb
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It helps to know where you are located and whether you want to personally inspect cameras before purchase or are ok with ordering them online. I've used KEH, Roberts, and Ebay a lot over the years to get good older cameras and lenses.
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I have bought cameras from shopgoodwill.com, and also the local Goodwill eBay site.


I can pick them up, and avoid shipping charges. Many high quality cameras and lenses

go for $10 or $20.


They usually will take them back, but if you have to pay shipping charges, it might not be

worth sending them back. Usually I bid low enough that I won't feel too bad if it doesn't work.


Some of my better deals are a Canon FTb and (separately) Nikon AI 80-200 zoom for

less than $15 each. I also got a Zorki 5 (in green) with lens for about $50, which seems to

work, but the rangefinder calibration is off. And a Mercury II for about $40.


One of my more expensive cameras is a Nikon F2A (the AI photomic version) for $124.

Seems to work fine, especially as it isn't so old.


Anyway, lots of old and not so old, for often low low prices.

-- glen

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Anyone in the UK reading this might like to know that a used camera shop has just opened in Dudley, West Midlands. The shop is in Dudley arcade.


It's like a step back in time - brilliant!


There's gear of every level there. From little 35mm compacts to Nikon and Canon SLRs + lenses to 5x4 monorails at reasonable prices.


I had a fairly long chat with the guy that runs it. He's friendly and knowledgeable.


Well worth a visit if you're in the area.

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In the USA, KEH, as said, is a good source, often cheaper than going eBay prices and invariably superb on return policies if it isn't right.

Adorama and B&H are also very good sources.


If you can be prepared for an occasional hitch, eBay is great. I could never have accumulated my vast number of crappy old East German "commie" cameras and mirror lenses without it.


How can you have too many 500mm lenses?


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The warning/admonition/rule-of-thumb about water towers and mirror lenses may soon strike again.


I just won a (old) Vivitar solid catadioptric on eBay.

Watch this forum! There WILL be more water tower shots!!!



SOME of them, not ALL of them

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My newest classic camera, I believe a Canon IID2, though it isn't easy to tell among the models:


Vintage Canon 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera w/ 50mm f/1.8 Lens Leica Screwmount | eBay


as well as I can tell, the shutter works fine, though on the slow speeds (with the slow dial)

sometimes the timing doesn't start until you release the shutter release button.


Rangefinder calibration seems close, too.


(I have a Zorki 5, also from Goodwill, with rangefinder way off.)


Now to try it. I have a roll of Panatomic-X with the appropriately

long tongue to work with bottom load cameras.


Seattle Goodwill is pretty good at checking to see that the shutter fires,

though they don't check much more than that. The ability to pick them

up (or return them) without postage is nice. (Though I do have to pay tax.)


Bid low, you never know what you might end up with.

-- glen

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