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502 Bad Gateway


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<p>I'm extremely frustrated about this problem, <em>"<strong>502 Bad Gateway</strong> The server returned an invalid or incomplete response."</em><br>

I having this problem all ready several months, inquired help several time, no response from <strong>PN</strong>, and it is kicking me out of the PN, some time 5-10 minuets of work or, after 1/2 hour of work.<br>

Then, I'm unable to get back, even if I rebut the computer, or reset Safari (MAC)( clearing out everything), <br>

for half an hour, sometime for an hour. Keep getting this bld message; <em>"<strong>502 Bad Gateway</strong> The server returned an invalid or incomplete response."</em><br>

Technician checked my computer, not bug no problem. All the other web sides working all the time, day and night. It is only, with <strong>PN.</strong><br>

Anybody can tell my WHY.........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

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<p>Photo.net would not generate a 502 response to an HTTP request. You must be running through a lousy HTTP Proxy. This is something that your computer is talking to, instead of talking directly to photo.net's servers, and it then repeats your requests to photo.net and sends you the response. This could be because you're on a corporate network that forces you through one (for safety reasons), or an ISP that defaults to you using one, or maybe it's part of the NAT device that connects you to the Internet.</p>
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<p>Thank you for the reply, John, But, what now? And why this only with PN?<br>

So, What I supposed to do, to remove this irritating problem?<br>

Those fancy technical words to me has no mining, I need more layman advise, what to do.<br>

And as I mentioned, it is <strong>ONLY with PN,</strong> regardless haw hard I abusing all the other wed sites.<br>

It is in my computer?<br>

It is in the modem? (wired.)<br>

It is with Rogers, the internet provider?<br>

Or, Some setup, in the computer?<br>

What do you telling me here, is chines to me. I'm a 76 years old guy and have no idea of those tech words. I have no problem to use a computer, but, no knowledge for the software.<br>

Thank you for the reply, anyway.</p>

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<p>Far as I understand, those "chrome" ( it reminds my of my car bumper at the 60s). "Firefox", ( given up hunting for fox, specially foxy ladies) some kinda protection softwhere agains computer bugs. As I statad, My computer, MAC, Safari, conected thrue a firewal modem, (rogers) and never had any problem ever, exsept the bld PN, since a couple of months, <strong>502 Bad Gateway</strong>, locked out for hours sometime.<br>

Toda I try to talk somebudy at Rogers.</p>

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