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Camera Strap Lug Ring and Plastic Protector Cover


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<p>Do you recommend an alternative to the below links to protecting a Canon New F-1 LA SLR from brassing at the neckstrap area? My used camera did not come with the triangular strap rings. Thanks.</p>



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<p>In the early days of Nikon, the CH-1 case for the F2 was one that had the strap lugs on the lower half of the case. I use mine still for many Nikons that "fit" the tripod screw location and general dimensions. (Look at Google images for <em>Nikon CH-1</em> for reference) It prevented most of any wear on my cameras over the 40 some years I've owned the case.</p>

<p>Is there anything in Canon-land that was equivalent. I note that my AE1-Program doesn't fit due to the battery cover/grip bulge. I'm ignorant about Canon early cases. Just a wild guess.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>


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<p>Go to a decent hardware store and get a couple 1" OD x 1/4" ID rubber washers and slip them between the attachment and the body of the camera. They will keep the corners from wear and since they are rubber bend out of the way if your hand needs to get past them</p>

<p> </p>

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<p>In my opinion the "Black Rapid" has unnecessary crude hardware and is overall bulky & overpadded. </p>

<p>Consider instead the extreme comfort of the high quality, high tech, slim hardware of the <a href="http://joby.com/camera-straps/ultrafit-sling-strap-for-men?gclid=CLeRkLy-zcICFeVj7Aod_SYARw"><strong>Joby UltraFit</strong></a> <<< click</p>

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