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Will 120mm Macro Planar CF give me 1:1 magnification when attached to a fullframe DSLR via adapter?


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I'm looking into a purchase of Zeiss 120mm Macro Planar for Hasselblad 501cm. I would also love to use it with my Canon 6D as macro lens. Will it give me a 1:1 magnification? If not - how can I calculate the actual ratio I can get?<br>

Thank you in advance!</p>

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<p>It'll give you the same magnification no matter what camera you mount it on (max. 1:4.5, I think?). What changes with format

is the proportion of your image the subject will cover.<br>

<a href="http://www.zeiss.com/camera-lenses/en_de/camera_lenses/classics/hasselblad/500_series/makroplanart4120cfe.html">(Zeiss's info on the 120mm f/4 Macro Planar)</a></p>

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<p>Not without a bellows or extension tubes it won't. This so-called macro lens only focuses to 0.8 metres without further extension. Not just that, but it's only optically optimised down to 1:2 (half-size), so I'm really not sure how it justifies its 'macro' epithet.</p>

<p>As Ray says, the reproduction ratio will stay the same (but at 1:4.5) regardless of which camera it's fitted to. Personally I'd get a proper macro lens for the 6D - one that focuses to 1:1 without further accessories - and forget about doing macro on the 'blad. Smaller formats have the advantage of giving greater depth-of-field for a given subject size within the frame.</p>

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