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Monday in Nature Weekly Photo Oct. 14, 2013

Laura Weishaupt

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<p>Such brilliant shots this week and some great stories too. My shot is from the weekend, we went for a ride to Lake Kurwongbah. The shore line was bejeweled with Water Lilly's. Found some ducks feeding among the Lilly's and got some shots of them in action too.</p><div>00c4SW-543052584.jpg.b0b8df40f8e305bb7922535c1d66980e.jpg</div>
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<p>Bill C, regarding the listings, that happens, I believe, when a few posts are entered in close proximity. They sync up, not to worry.<br>

John, thanks, but the front page is not my doing. The congratulations go to all the contributors who make it happen. The numbers have been here all along to get on the front page, and have been so since MiN started.</p>

<p>Yes, to all our friends in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving.</p>


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<p>Gordon and Wayne.....yes, found it in my Audubon wildflower book...which apparently needs updating...LOL.<br>

Says it's range is down through the Pennsylvania / Ohio lattitude...but Wayne's photo was taken significantly further south, down here in North Carolina.<br>

Beautiful flower for sure...had never seen that one before.</p>

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<p>Welcome to Charles S., Don H, John P, and Larry W., posting here for the first time. Lovely shots.<br>

Don, don't worry about AM or PM, when the thread is started it's almost Tuesday for folks in Australia ;-) Some folks don't get in for a few days.<br>

Roberta, your macro shots are a constant source of beauty and inspiration.<br>

Thom, I kinda like that one also.<br>

Leszek, thanks for taking us all upstream. It's a great shot even without the filter. <br>

Gordon B, stunning underwater shot. <br>

Colin, I always appreciate your images of the coast in U.K. It's quite different from what I've seen here. Most of the fossiles I've seen on beaches have been in very soft rock that erodes quickly in the pounding surf. </p>

<p>Beautiful work, everyone.</p>

<p> </p>

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