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<p>Hi Line, yes, I believe it is normal. </p>

<p>Your photo will appear under [Gallery->Rate Photos] on the top menu bar presumably because you've requested critique, but those views don't count as an image view unless a rater clicks on the photo to see it in your portfolio folder, but they're still able to rate it. <br>

<a href="/gallery/photocritique/?rating_type=photocritique&topic_id=1481&recent=4">http://www.photo.net/gallery/photocritique/?rating_type=photocritique&topic_id=1481&recent=4</a></p>

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<p>The "views" counter also does not update in real time, so if you have submitted a photo for ratings, and particularly during the first 24 hours, even if your photo is viewed within your portfolio it's possible for the rating count to exceed the view count until everything updates.</p>

<p>But Mr. Chang's response is the most likely scenario if after a couple of days the number of ratings exceeds the views count, as "thumbnail" views are not counted. Only views of the full size image are counted.</p>

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