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SPPC (Weekly Post-Processing Challenge) - November 02, 2014

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<p>And it's time for the Weekly Wednesday Solicitation (WWS) for next week's post. All are welcome. Remember (if you read the first thread on the WPPC), the default challenge is to simply post a shot that hasn't been processed to see how others would work it, so no specific challenge has to be issued, though you are more than welcome to do that as well. Any takers? </p>
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<p><em>"...</em><em>this week I would like us to explore the artistic side of post-processing. So, let your imagination take flight, be creative, and have fun!</em>"<br>

Without looking at anyone else's efforts:<br>

1. Cropped a lot<br>

2. Increased contrast<br>

3. Zipped up the blues quite a bit<br>

4. Reduced dimensions for inline posting<br>

5. Added a customized oil effect from PS v. 13 (CS6)<br>

6. Added a small border<br>


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<p>Thank you all who participated in this week's challenge. Although I went with a dark version, I think my favorite this week is Gordon's. It reminds me of prints in old magazines....<br>

Please don't let this thread die, volunteer to post the next challenge...</p>

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