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Hasselblad 2000FC/M Service/Repair Manual?


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<p> Since nobody repairs these bodies anymore I have no option left than to try to do it myself, as crazy a thought as that may be. I've sought help from a few good folks here and received some useful info but really need the factory manual. Can anyone recommend a potential source other than HB USA which I've already emailed and am waiting for a reply? I really find it hard to give up on this camera.</p>
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<p>You will need more than the manual. There are special tools that are required to service a 2000FC/M. Thats why most USA service stations would not service them.</p>

<p>Hasselblad Sweden should be able to service them but if you need a critical part you are out of luck.<br>

What exactly is wrong with your 2000F/CM?<br>

You might try:</p>

<p>David Knapman - Pro Camera Service, Landvetter, Sweden, Tel. 31 91 94 03</p>

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<p>Check with KEH.com for their repair department. I know they service just about everything traditionally Hasselblad, so maybe they can help you. You might also contact Carol at Flutotscamerarepair.com. She does not personally work on Blads, but has a huge list of contacts/associates and may know someone who will work on your 2000 FCM</p>
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<p>Check the double exposure/mirror control on the center of the crank.</p>

<p>I'd contact the factory in Sweden. Even if HB USA doesn't service them the factory might still do so.</p>

<p><label for="Contact_12_5759"><strong>Victor Hasselblad AB</strong><br />Visitors: Utvecklingsgatan 2, SE-417 56 Gothenburg<br />Delivery: Lärdomsgatan 1, SE-417 56 Gothenburg<br />Letters: Box 220, SE-401 23 Gothenburg<br />Phone number +46 31 10 24 00<br />Fax +46 31 13 50 74<br /><a href="mailto:info@hasselblad.se">info@hasselblad.se</a><br /><br /></label><br>

Way back in 1976 HB USA would not service my Hasselblad 1000F but the factory did a great job overhauling it for me.<br>

<label for="Contact_12_5759">Good luck!</label></p>

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<p>I guess you spoke with Dennis Greco? He is the only one left at Hasselblad USA whom can work on all of the focal plane cameras.<br>

I believe that NEW parts are no longer available, OR that they could either fix it, BUT NO WARRANTY on the repaired camera.<br>

One of my friend send his camera in (2000FC), parts was simply no longer available. He could fix the camera, BUT he was unable yo offer any warranty because either there were no new parts and he had to cannibalize parts from a non-working body to make it work. That would explain why there is no warranty, as the parts reliability is not known.</p>


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<p>Hasselblad focal plane cameras are complicated pieces of equipment.<br>

It took experienced and qualified technicians four days of training at the factory to understand the basics of 2000 series cameras.<br>

After a minimum of 1 year experience servicing these cameras these guys would say they had some understanding of these bodies.<br>

These cameras are not DIY objects.</p>


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