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Is there a reason for the image inconsistencies?


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I was just wondering, and I'm sure some have before, why the sharp reduction in image quality when I post on this

site? Not only do I lose the brightness/contrast but a lot of detail and sharpness............heres an example,

this is the EXACT same jpeg files uploaded to different sites


Photo.net http://www.photo.net/photo/8001040


fotocommunity http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/display/14586492


A HUGE difference in quality IMO


Is there an "optimum" file size, etc. for uploading to photo.net?

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Tim, did you replace the original image with one of a different size? The size I have in the database for that image is not

the size of the image. This should never happen, so I'm trying to track down how it came about. I've manually updated the

image sizes for your image. Let me know if that improves the appearance.

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Ah, that must be what happened. There isn't a problem after all. What's going on is that you uploaded a new image, but it

can take a while for the old image to leave the cache, as Josh says. So you're seeing the old image with the new image

sizes, which makes it all fuzzy for you. Bob is seeing the new image with the new image sizes since he just happens to be

hitting a different cache server. I changed your image sizes back to reflect the new size. It may continue to look "funny"

until your cache flushes.


I'll look into some way we can control the cache better in the future.

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I'm not sure which version of the image or which cache server I am viewing right now, but could file sizes, file dimensions and system rescaling cause some inconsistencies? These are the properties I am seeing right now.<br><br>

The default image display here on PNet : 680px X 510px (scaled to 679px X 509px) ~ file size 78.78 kB<br>

The larger size display here on PNet: 1024px X 768px (scaled to 978px X 733px) ~ file size 880.51kB<br>

On the fotocommunity site: 900px X 675px ~ file size 262 .59kB<br><br>I too at times wonder about image quality after uploading images here on PNet!

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I'm glad I came across this thread; I seem to be experiencing the same difficulties with size differences and caches. I originally uploaded an image ( http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/8020277-md.jpg) that appeared too large; I deleted it and replaced it with a resized version. I sent it to the Critique Forum, but there is definite apparent softness (which was commented on by a critiquer, which brought the issue to my attention) compared to the original image.

I shall wait as well and see if time solves the problem.


Thanks to Jin Choi for his helpful response above.

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