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Migration of LUSENET Photography Forums

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Brian is doing an excellent job in migrating or porting, what ever you may call it , several photography related forums from lusenet to


<p>Brian not only migrated Minox Photography, but also merged it with

Minox FAQ all into one , and consolidated several of my account (email

addresses) into one, all done in speedy manner without glitch.

<p>Thank you Brian

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The new forums may be here, but they are hard to find as they

are currently not indexed under the usual Photo Net headings. In

fact the only way that I have been able to look at them so far is by

following the above link labelled " Announcement ".


Any prospect of listing the Lusenet Forums along with the

original Photo Net forums?

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Allan, they are on the Community/Forums page, which is where all the other forums are. They are in the Unified Forum, where they have been switched on by default (that is, people have to personalize them away).


The only place they are not on equal footing with the original photo.net forums is in the pull down menus. I have to change the code that generates the Javascript for the pull-down menus. I might get to that tonight, since my mailbox is now almost empty of merge and help-me-login messages.

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