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Migration of LUSENET Photography Forums

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Will the ported forms be subject to the photo.net moderation policy for new postings? As in they will be deleted before being posted if the moderators don't think the question suitable for the archives? Or will the post be immediately posted to the server, as was the case on Lusenet?
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I believe I speak for the majority of the membership of the Leica Q&A forum when I say that this is an exciting change and it will prove to be a vast improvement. I wish to extend my gratitude for the painful job this must have been. Bravo!! And Many Thanks!


Tony Rowlett, Leica Q&A forum moderator

Backups? We don’t need no stinking ba #.’  _ ,    J

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<em>Josh Wand: You might have first asked the administrators and users of these forums if they wanted to be moved or not... I know there is still a debate brewing amongst some of the LF forum participants...</em>


<p>Most of the forum moderators are positive (ofen strongly so) or at least neutral about the move. The only real exception is the LF forum, where the moderator is ambivalent about the move and some of the members are negative. There was a very long thread in the LF forum in December when moderators were first notified about the move; I counted "votes" in that thread and most of them either favored photo.net over other options or were more or less neutral. There were some strong objectors, whose minds I hope we will be able to change. Many of the people who objected, did state that migration to photo.net was preferable to ending the forum.


<p>The LF forum members were not able to find an alternative since being notified in December, and the future of LUSENET is not long. The last time the machine went down, it took four days before it came to the attention of someone with the ability to do something about it. (Incidentally, it was a photo.net staff person who ran around to get a key to the "cage" the system was in in order to do that, even though greenspun.com is not really part of photo.net, and the greenspun.com box is in a different facility.) Even if the LUSENET system ran by itself, Philip Greenspun has announced his intention to wind the service down and to stop paying the ISP charges.


<p>Josh, I know that you had hoped to move the LF forum to another ISP, perhaps using the software you developed. However, give the forum a chance to succeed here. We have not foreclosed any options the members of that forum may have by moving it here. Besides, we can always use your programming talent as a photo.net volunteer.

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<em>Erik: Will the ported forms be subject to the photo.net moderation policy for new postings? As in they will be deleted before being posted if the moderators don't think the question suitable for the archives? Or will the post be immediately posted to the server, as was the case on Lusenet?</em>


<p>The forums will be moderated in the same way as on greenspun.com, by the same moderators. Those moderators may decide to change the moderation policy to take advantage of features on photo.net, but that will be the moderators' decision.


<p>Incidentally, the scheme you describe above never applied even to all of the forums on photo.net. It applies only to the two General Photography forums. The moderators of those forums screen postings to the Archived forum and direct some of them to the Unarchived forum.


<p>But the migrated LUSENET forums will work like the other photo.net forums, like Nature and Medium Format Digest, with postings going into the forum immediately.

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Brian, a little off-topic here. Would you by chance know what the future of the greenspun.com web services will be? No one can give me an answer.


I use Philip's free "spam" service to run my mailing list on my web site, as do a lot of other sites. If that's going away, I need to make other arrangements.


Thanks for any info.

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Jim, as far as I know, Philip has not decided a date for pulling the plug on greenspun.com.


I know that he does intend to do so -- in part because of the expense of the ISP charges, but probably more so because there is just no one to take care of the system and keep it going.


At the moment, when it goes down, it stays down until someone notices, tracks down the key, and finally goes over to the colo site and reboots the machine. There is a very small and dwindling group of friends-of-Philip who are involved in doing this, Philip himself being on a long vacation.


The system runs on some free hardware that Philip picked up somewhere along the way, and it isn't a very reliable box. So, I think it likely that one day it will go down and stay down so long that nobody will think it is worthwhile to bring it back up again.

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For the records, Brian, the LF Forum moderator (myself) emailed

you as well as services@photo.net to ask you to delay the move

until a consensus could be reached, and this email went

unanswered by both. I will explain my position in more detail

on the LF page.

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Quang, I answered your message. The first time the server at sri bounced my mail, and I assumed it was because it didn't like the capitalized domain name in luong@AI.SRI.COM. I tried again with luong@ai.sri.com, and didn't receive anything back; so I assumed you got it. I've sent you two subsequent messages: one last night about the message that you wanted deleted. And another this morning to you and the 8 other moderators with a lot of details about the move. Have you not been receiving any of these messages?
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This is the message that I sent to Tuan, which doesn't contain anything that can't be shared. (This is actually the one that bounced since I didn't save my second attempt.)



From: "Brian Mottershead" <mottershead@attbi.com>

To: "Quang-Tuan Luong" <luong@AI.SRI.COM>

Cc: "Rajeev Surati" <rajeevsurati@photo.net>

References: <200206071758.KAA20034@Merced.AI.SRI.COM>

Subject: Re: Migration of LF Forum at LUSENET

Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 14:36:17 -0400

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: text/plain;


Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

X-Priority: 3

X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000

X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000




I've been told that the situation at the moment

with LUSENET is that there is nobody monitoring

the machine. Each time it goes down for any reason,

it is taking longer and longer for someone to notice

and bring it back up. I don't think there was

any firm plan on Philip's part to turn the machine

off, and to stop paying the ISP charges, but that day is not

too far off.


The more likely scenario is that LUSENET will

go down one day when someone is travelling or on

vacation or preoccupied with something else, and

not come back up for a long period of time. Philip himself left

for a long vacation last weekend and will be

virtually incommunicado for the next four months,

but I believe that he arranged for other people to

look after the system from time to time. However,

unlike photo.net, there is nobody concerning himself

with LUSENET on a daily basis.


So, there is some urgency about identifying a

new site for the forum, which is too valuable

to just abandon. I guess our plan is to go

forward with the migration, per Philip's instructions,

notwithstanding your desire for a further delay.

The forum members can then debate on photo.net (or

anywhere else they wish, of course) whether they

dislike photo.net sufficiently to migrate somewhere

else and copy their content there. But I believe

that once people settle into the forum's new

home, they will find that a further migration is

not necessary. photo.net will be doing its best

to address the concerns of forum members.


Best regards,




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Brian, to answer your question, I received two messages from

you on Saturday, which were

unrelated to my messages. I did not receive the email

that you quote in this thread. I just sent a message to

luong@AI.SRI.COM successfully.

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From the OED:


Migrate, v.


1. intr. To pass from one place to another; spec. in Chem. (see MIGRATION a). Also trans. in pass. to be transported.


2. a. intr. Of persons, a tribe, etc.: To move from one place of abode to another; esp. to leave one's country to settle in another; to remove to another country, town, college, etc. Also transf.


b. Nat. Hist. Of animals: To go from one region or habitat to another; spec. of some birds and fishes, to come and go regularly with the seasons (see MIGRATION).


3. Histol. Of a cell: To move out of the blood-vessels into the tissues. (Cf. MIGRATORY a. 1c.)


In the common lexicon of the computer industry, data migration is when you move data or processes from one system to another (usually newer) system.

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Well, I've worked for around 25 years in the computer software industry, including a lot of that time for a computer manufacturer. So I might have forgotten what is English and what is computer jargon. However, in this particular case "migration" doesn't seem so inappropriate. To use another computer-industry term, perhaps the migration was so "transparent" that it doesn't seem like one. However, I will tell you that it was "non-trivial".
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