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Anyone ever been to the Clearwater Community Sailing Center


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I'm shooting a wedding down there at the end of October & won't see the venue

until the day before the wedding (assuming my flight doesn't get royally screwed

up like last time.) Does anyone have any experience there? Any photos to

share? Not much showed up from a google search. From the satellite image, it

looks like a nice location.




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I live a few miles from there and have been in there but never shot a wedding there, didn't know they host them. It is a small white building in a small boatyard. The event will be upstairs in a small to midsized room over looking the very wide intercoastal waterway. Directly across the street is Sand key Park a protected beach which is outstanding, you would want to take them on the beach for some Sunset shots. The entire beach area here is beatiful and there is even a small beach area by the sailing center if you were short on time, but Sand Key is the place to shoot.
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I did a wedding across the street at Sand Key and then the reception at the sailing center. Like the other person said not much to shoot around the sailing center, however the steps out back give a decent bow of ship type shot. Why aren't they getting married at Sand Key Park, the bride and bride (yep thats right) had a wonderful ceremony right before sunset and we were able to get some Awsome photos of them right at sunset.. If you have other questions just email me




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