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Reversing portfolio order


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My apologies if this has been asked before, but several forum searches did not

yield an answer:


Is it possible to reverse the order in which photos are presented on your main

gallery page (the one showing all of your folders)? I would prefer to have my

most recent ones at the top (blog style) rather than buried at the bottom.


Since I hope I am getting better at photography with time, I would prefer to

have my more recent and better work most easily visible.


Thanks for your help.



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Hi Milan. This has been asked before and this feature has existed for quite some time. There is a <b>VERY EASY</b> way to do what you want. For any particular Folder, click on the Options tab. You will see an <i>Edit Folder Title and Sequence</i> option. You can prioritize each Folder by assigning a number from 1 to 10; the higher the number the lower in your Portfolio that Folder will appear. You can assign the same number to multiple Folders. If you assign a negative number or zero, the folder will not appear at all. The instructions are on the page. Regards.
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Walter, that controls only the order of presentation of folders in your portfolio. Not the order of photos in your folders. As Bob said, there is no way to change the order of photos in your folders. Other than deleting them and uploading them in the desired order. But that removes any existing ratings and comments.



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Chuck...hmmmm! I must have misunderstood Milan's question. But it still would be easy to create a folder, call it New Work, move his newest photographs into it, and give it a priority of 1. Then his newest photographs would show first on his Main Gallery page. I think that is what he wants, no? Regards.
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Thanks a lot for the information. It's unfortunate that there isn't some easy way to just reverse the sorting, both within folders and between them.


I suppose the present system does give people more scope to see the progression you have gone through, in terms of what you have been putting on Photo.net

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