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  1. I and many others have been begging for help since the release of Ver2 with absolutely minimal improvement made since that date. Strangely, I haven't been plagued by the litany of problems faced by most members and have only requested one thing over and over. All I've asked is that member comments and follow-up comments be trackable in some logical fashion. In response an upgrade added "Your Activity" which prima facie seemed workable; but it's not. All the images and comments are still random, requiring page upon page of portfolio scanning to find the applicable image and/or comment.

    A well meaning post, requesting that the images and comments in "Your Activity" be sorted in date order with the newest on top, has been totally ignored after multiple postings under several subject lines. I mean, how difficult is it to sort a database query; the most basic of database commands!?

    Long story made short, after 10+ years of photographic camaraderie, helpful instruction, seriously good photography and light hearted comments, I've been notified that my membership runs out on September 15th and you know what.... I can't work up a single reason not to let it run out. Now that's a sad state of affairs; for a business to go down the drain and lose customers over a simple sort command.

    Best wishes and good light to the 35 or so members still posting. To management, you need "Help".

    Mike Mancil
  2. +1 Mike. My membership expires next April and I see no point in renewing.
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  3. I share Mike's frustration, but here is another problem. In an earlier post (link) someone expressed concern that their subscription had been automatically renewed. They hadn't, according to Glen, but he added that we would receive notices about an upcoming auto renewal within 30 days of the subscription ending, and that there would be a link for opting out.

    My paid membership expires September 12, but I have seen no email notice about getting renewed. I wrote to PN admin requesting them not to renew it.
  4. Hector: I haven't received an email either, the notice appears in "My Account". You have the choice there to "cancel subscription" or not.... Mike
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    Hi Mike,

    We hear you - can you send me DM a screenshot of your activity showing that comments are not sorted and that they are random? We can not replicate it here, we have tried a number of times. This is what we have suggested to the dev team - will this address your concerns? Again - the default as is now - should be sorting by date so what you are describing as "random" we have not been able to replicate here. Let me know your thoughts. Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.21.27 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.21.27 PM.png
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    It is sent out automatically - it could be in your spam folder

  7. Glenn:

    Here are a couple of screenshots from my "Your Activity".

    Note that in the first image below (from the very top of my activity list) the dates "within" the image are sorted correctly BUT, if you'll note in the second image below (from near the bottom of my activity list), the dates of 8/4/17 and 8/5/17. My contention is that, in this small example, the bottom most image should be at the top of my activity list, in all time categories (Last Week - Last Month - 3 Months). However, something is still amiss because my comments on the bottom two images aren't showing, even though this screenshot is from my activity.

    It's really a double sort with the comments attached to each image sorted with newest on top (seems to be happening) PLUS the images themselves should be sorted with the newest comment on top.

    Your example page would work to satisfy me IF the proposed links will sort the whole image list. I'm in no way inferring that we should return to Ver1, but the comment activity worked perfectly there if you want to use it as a model.


    Sort2.JPG Sort.JPG

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