Why did Leica never implement autofocus in their rangefinders?

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  1. OP - I think the camera you are looking for is actually made by Leica - it isn't an M it is called a CL - same left side viewfinder so you can keep your right eye open and blessed with autofocus which can be turned off if you want to use your M lenses via focus peaking. I have one - and use it as a lightweight happy snapper sometimes but mainly as a tele-convertor for my 90-280 SL zoom - extending its 'reach' to equivalent 420mm via the crop factor in the smaller sized chip.

    Don't let the aps sized chip dissuade you from serious consideration - the camera is a stellar performer as far as IQ goes and the TL lenses are very good to excellent performers in their own right - great system to consider.

    Also take with a pinch of salt all the to and fro re autofocus versus rangefinder focus - internet chatter.
  2. Yep, go with that advice for the OP (petera(downunder)). Good suggestion. You can be seduced. CL: high quality travel camera; you can't go wrong with a good, working one. Otherwise, what I use is a couple of leicas (monochrom and the colour one, I think an M240). If you want film, if you're rich, an M6, or if you're really hippy, an M3. Otherwise, if you're not worried about changing lenses, a retina II or retina IIIc would do - quite pocketable. And some of the best lenses ever made by God. If you need autofocus, just look up a walmart/harvey norman/etc catalogue. They sell them in bulk. And often on regular discount. And they are pretty good. Stick to nikon or canon; or you could go to sony. Anyway, OP, you have probably long since gone. Some months since you posted. So this is gratuitous advice. Gratuitously, good luck with whatever you decided.
  3. Also Leica never made zoom lens, unlike Contax, the fabulous, sharp Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 3,5 - 5,6/35-70mm, which is actually the only zoom for rangefinders
  4. Just for the record -- and since on-line stuff often changes or goes AWOL -
    here is the text of the relevant part of the Wikipedia article on Minolta:
    emphasis JDM

    footnote 4 is ""Late to Digital, Leica Slow to Refocus", Wall street Journal, September 16, 2008, p. B1" Late to Digital, Leica Slow to Refocus
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