Which film type is this? 100/21°-Y 9332-20

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  1. Hi,
    I have a negative film from 2002, without a brand or film type on the stripes.
    Does anyone have an idea which film this might be?

    Negativfilm 100iso.jpg
  2. Best guess is that it's a store brand C-41 film. The 100/21º is the film speed(100 ASA, 21º DIN).

    I think Agfa made a lot of them in those days, but they certainly weren't the only supplier, and I wouldn't want to venture a guess as to the exact maker.
  3. Up to certain point, many of the surviving film producers packaged versions of C41 color-negative film for places like Walgreens. ISO 100 was probably the most common. Fuji made a lot of house brand films.

    Most, I think, lacked specific information, at least on the film itself, of who the supplier was.
  4. The mask colour doesn't look right for an Agfa or Konica film.
    Looks more like Kodak or Fuji's choice of masking dye. Difficult to tell from a web snap though.

    Why does it matter?
    Only reason I can think is that you're expecting to simply select the film type in a scanner menu and get perfectly corrected scans - sorry, but that ain't gonna happen!
  5. I forget now what you can get out of the DX codes on the edge.
    It might be there. I suspect that the 9332 also identifies it, but
    didn't find much from a web search.
  6. Thank you for your replies! Much appreciated. It might well be that it is a supermarket film, either from Germany or from a shop in Egypt.
    @rodeo_joe|1 , I am asking just out of curiosity, indeed I'm in the process of scanning my old films. This one has a strong green tint, unlike Fuji or Kodak from the same period. But Photoshop will help.
    Thank you all again,
    Best regards,
  7. Yes. Import it as a 16 bit TIFF and try 'Autocolour'. If that doesn't get you close then use the curves tool. Select the middle - grey point - eyedropper tool and poke about until you find something that's close to neutral grey. Usually works for me.

    It looks like those rocks(?) might have some neutral grey areas on them.
  8. great, thanks. Indeed the best result is achieved with the curves tool, grey point - eyedropper tool. Here are 3 versions (small versions) for those who are interested. It's in the White Desert in Egypt, eroded limestone rocks (chalk).

    Negativ03 original scan copy.jpg

    Negativ03 edited white eyedropper tool copy.jpg

    Negativ03 Gradationskurven mittel.jpg
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  9. Could possibly be improved a bit further by dragging the blue channel curve to the right at the bottom, or drooping the blue curve close to its lower extremity.

    I'm assuming that left of the histogram is the shadow side.

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