Where to get Kodak Verichrome 620 print film processed

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by steve_pruitt, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. I just found an old Argus box camera from the 40's in my mom's closet. It had a
    10 print roll of Kodak Verichrome 620 B&W print film in it that had been
    exposed. I'd like to get it processed. My local photo guy does not have a
    'spool' that will hold it to process. Any ideas where I can go to see if this
    can be developed?



  2. Contact Gene M here on this forum, he processes a lot of vintage rolls and knows how to handle them.
  3. Isn't 620 the same film as 120 just on a different spool?
  4. "Isn't 620 the same film as 120 just on a different spool?"

  5. Dwayne's in Kansas will definitely do it, and well. They get good press here at P/N and I use
    them for 35mm. Reasonably priced, and good.
  6. Any place that can handle BW 120 should be able to do it.
  7. I second Gene M.
  8. The issue is less that it's 620 (same size as 120), and more that it's Verichrome, not Verichrome Pan. That means it's very old, undoubtedly more than fifty years. Treating it like relatively recent Verichrome Pan will probably result in very badly fogged film. Whoever processes it should have some experience with old film, like Film Rescue International (who don't charge if the film is blank).
  9. Thanks everyone for the info on gettting my 620 processed. It is in fact Verichrome Pan 620 so not so old. Gene M: can you contact me at spruitt@archplus-sv.com so I can coordinate getting this film to you or getting more advice? Steve Pruitt
  10. I just found a roll of Verichrome 620 film and would like to get it developed. I have been reading about Gene M and would like to get in contact with him for this. Any help would be appreciated. My email is: diane25dc@aol.com. Thanks for any help :)
    Diane Huzar
  11. Verichrome film is ortho and can be developed under redlight safeight.
    Later Verichrome PAN came out in the mid 1950's and this requires TOTAL darkness to develop. Sone folks do a quick few seconds ONLY "peek" using a super dark green Kodak safelight
    A super old roll of 620 or 120 can have a "set" in the film and be super hard to load on a film reel.
  12. I developed a Verichrome Pan 116 roll exposed in 1959 with Kodak's HC-110. Slightly overdeveloped it and there was some fog but I got usable negatives. Very exciting, I must say.

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