where to get film besides B&H in NY

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  1. Hi all,
    I searched the forum but doesn't come up with any.
    I was wondering where I can get 35mm B&W films in NY city besides B&H, cuz they are close from 3.25 ~ 4.3 for holiday.
    And since I am here, is there any alternative camera store besides it and Adorama, sometimes it's too hard to find a time to visit their stores. Do you know any big camera store in new york that open until 8:00 and Saturdays? Not necessary one that sells everything, but small accessories and consumables.
    (I believe that same question must been asked before but I missed it, if so, please kindly redirect me. Thank you very much.)
  2. Freestyle has been in business for more than 50 years (link), but of course they're in Hollywood. They do a huge nationwide business by mail.
  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the input. I know there are several online places that I can get. Just trying to look for a local store for urgent need.
    Thank you
  4. Try a drug store (pharmacy). CVS or Walgreen's.
  5. Maybe this store
    Calumet Photographic
    22 W 22nd St
    (between Broadway & 5th Ave)
    New York, NY 10010
    Neighborhood: Flatiron
    (212) 989-8500
  6. What about
    42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011 ?
    photographic film for the subject search and NY for the city.
  7. Thank you all, I was focusing on camera stores only and ignored other general places.
    And I just realize that J&R sells film as well, though the price is much higher than b&H, but at least they open pretty much everyday. Adorama has pretty much same hours as B&H, they are close from 3.25 thru 4.3 too.
    But Calumet and walgreens look like pretty good alternatives.
    Thanks, guys.
  8. Adorama is closed for the holiday. Calumet is the way to go. They do land office business whenever there's an extended Jewish holiday.... slightly less cheap than BH/Adorama.
  9. Adorama is closed for the holiday. Calumet is the way to go. They do land office business whenever there's an extended Jewish holiday.... slightly less cheap than BH/Adorama.
  10. Alkit has closed, they were another alternative. I thought of Willoughby's, but their website gives no product matches for film. Sigh. I remember when they were "the real thing".
    Calumet's film prices are only slightly higher than B&H and Adorama, great people to deal with. I often buy in person from their Boston (Cambridge) store.
  11. Calumet and there might still be some other stores in he photo district in their neighborhood. Not as many as there used to be. People in New York (and buying online) pretty much know the schedule for B&H/Adorama closings and plan accordingly.
  12. Yes, a decent-sized order from Freestyle would be the best choice - either that or wait until B&H and Adorama are open again next week.

    Keep a small stock of film around for this very purpose. :)
  13. Thank you all.
    Calumet's film is little bit higher than B&H, but acceptable once a while. The guys who work there see very nice. I will explore the store and the neighborhood more often.
    To Jim: I am new to film, so still trying out mainstream film types, thus haven't started stocking yet. But I will definitely stock some once decided.
  14. I'm amazed no one has thought to look for a listing of stores in a yellow pages phone directory or the back of a Popular Photography magazine.
  15. Try Unique photo in Fairfield, N.J. I buy most of my film from there.
  16. FOTO CARE, great place excellent service
    41 W 22nd St
    New York, NY
    (212) 741-2990
  17. Haha, Tom, I guess then I have to ask where can I find a yellow pages directory. Just joking.
    I got two rolls of neopan 400 from calumetphoto yesterday.
    I check the price at uniquephoto. It's even slightly cheaper than B&H.
    I've passed by foto care before, but it was close. So never been there. will try it out later.

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