Where do we live?

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah! I know it was posted a long time ago but I'd like to
    know what location everyone here now lives. I live in San Diego at
    the beach. If someone were coming to Sea World (uhg) I could tell
    them about some places they might like to photograph. What roads at
    what times to avoid. Where all the hot chicksters are if yer into
    that sort of thing> Likewise I may be going to The Bristle Cones
    around the same time as Mike Lopez. I might be going to Shore Acres
    in Oregon or to The Sand Hills of Nebraska. If we all put our names
    and places where we lived, some of us might get to meet. I have met
    quite a few people from this site. I'd like to meet many more. So how
    about it? James-San Diego Calif.
  2. Near cloudy, rainy, economically depressed, Rochester NY. Also referred to in a review of a CD produced here as "the icy hellhole of Rochester NY". On the bright side, we have the George Eastman House, RIT, and (last time I checked) Kodak. Nearby is Village Camera in Seneca Falls, with lots of used large format stuff, and Film For Classics, when you have the urge to shoot some no-longer-produced rollfilm.
  3. Saratoga Springs, NY - home of thoroughbred racing (where the current hero is Funny Cide), designer bottled water, and the potato chip.
  4. Hot, humid central Florida. Bartow, to be exact. Bartow, the county seat, is located in Polk County, about midway between Orlando and Tampa.
  5. Paradise. (Colorado)
  6. Cape Ann area of Massachusetts! Beautiful ocean views and plenty of first period homes to explore!

    I am looking for places to stop and photograph on my road trip out to Montana from Boston in September if anyone has some suggestions. The route I take isn't critical and the time to get there not an issue either. Lanscapes both urban and rural would be great!
  7. Hot humid west central Florida, in Tampa. Just a few miles from GibTown where the circus and carnival folks live in the off season.

    David, drop me a line if you want to get together.
  8. Athens, Ohio, when I'm at school, Columbia, Missouri, when I'm on break, hopefully
    NYC by next April. Don't know where home is anymore - I'll let you know when I
    settle on a place...
  9. The extreme northwest corner of the state of Washington.
    Mountains, ocean, tall trees. Town called Everson, a stone's
    throw from Canada.
  10. New York City.
  11. Spokane, WA
  12. Riverside, CA
    This week I'm planning to depart on a trip to photograph the coastal strip from Marin County to Crescent City. In particular, I will be spending most of my time in the Crescent City and surrounds - and, Eureka and surrounds. If anyone can direct me to some site(s), it would be appreciated. I am a 4x5 black & white guy.
  13. Maui, Hawaii. Sunny with a fresh soothing breeze that gently
    rocks palm trees and babes in bikinis.
  14. Beetween "Mödling" and "Baden near Vienna". This is 15 miles south of Vienna, Austria, where the austrian emperor Kaiser Franz Josef I. spent his weekends. And I am sure that you can imagine that this is a wonderful place to live, when an emperor - nearly 90 years ago - made it to his choice.
  15. Greetings- Hayward, WI (www.haywardwis.com) in the far northwest corner of Wisconsin, about 60 air miles from Lake Superior. Lots of woods and water. Always glad to get together with another LF photographer. Best wishes, Thomas Young
  16. San Jose, CA
  17. Due North and west of a lot of you folks... Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.
  18. Hi

    I'm living in the middle of Switzerland between Luzern- Zürich- Aarau on a hill with very nice view to the mountains.
  19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  20. Live in Chiba, work in Tokyo.
  21. Southfield, Michigan. Just north of Detroit
  22. Cleveland Heights, in Northeastern Ohio, self-described as the "North Coast" of the United States.
  23. James,

    Knoxville, Tennessee, 40 miles from the Smokies and 75 miles from the Blue Ridge.


  24. Born and raised and residing at Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW
    Australia. Let me warn you .... it's a bloody long day's march
    (swim) from where you folk live.

  25. Columbia, MO--Hot, dry, and windy this year. David Munson, drop me a line when you get back to MU.
  26. Charleston, SC. Ya'll come on down....this year's Humidity Festival is in full swing.
  27. Germany, Mainz near Frankfurt airport
  28. In the Old North State. Cary, North Carolina to be exact. North Carolina, the birthplace of Pepsi, NASCAR and Krispy Kreme Donuts. Who says we're not cultured?
  29. Catskill Mountains (Borscht Belt) NY
  30. Well, so far I am the farthest northeast: Timberlea, Nova Scotia. No mountains here but lots of trees, rocks and ocean. I need to get out more but I haven't replaced my tripod. I broke it putting my CC400 on it.
  31. Northern Utah, near the NorthEast shore of Great Salt Lake. Wonderland of desert, salt, forest & mountains. Good fishing & hunting & less than four hours from Yellowstone, the Tetons & just an hour more from the Red Rock playgrounds to the South. Home of the Transcontinental Railway & the 'meeting of the rails' & the great desert mountain ranges & the beginning of the Basin & Range provence. No drop of water falls that escapes this place, it is all held right here. Migratory birds by the millions, Bald Eagles all winter long & snow skiing to biking to canoeing & kayaking are all within a ten minute drive. Looking out the window to the East I see a federally designated wilderness area, to the West I see the Promontory mountains and around the area we have many peaks & mountains for hiking, camping & recreation. Great small towns & good people for the most part(sorry about Congressman Jim Hansen). 4th of July parades that consist of 4 tractors, 7 pickup trucks, 20 or so horseman & three cub scouts at the head carrying the flag while a big crowd of 300 swells Grouse Creek to overflowing while waiting for the rodeo to start, featuring local cowboys from Utah, Nevada & Idaho. Within two hours I can be in Nevada, Idaho or Wyoming. History isn't something we visit & leave, it is where we live, play & photograph.
  32. Elkhart, Indiana. About halfway across the top of the state, on the Michigan border. 200 km from anywhere. Quiet, dull, and very flat.

  33. I live in Rochester, NY: not anywhere near as grim as Mr. Hoffman, above, considers it. But then I don't judge a city by its camera stores.
  34. Lynnfield, MA USA... just north of Boston.
  35. Hi James.

    Stevenson Ranch, CA. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Per's Red Rock workshop last year. Your work was beautiful !
  36. Santa Cruz, California.
  37. Boise Idaho, where I shoot portraits and the police shoot to kill. I don't know of another city in which one can fish for brown trout and watch Bald Eagles do the same in sight of the State Capitol building, and within a few paces of a hot cappuccino. Yellowstone, City of Rocks, Craters of the Moon, Sun Valley, Tetons, Owyhees, Hell's canyon, Oregon Trail etc., etc.
  38. New to this forum . . . heading back into LF . . . working in Milwaukee (yes, home of the Brew Crew) but soon moving back to western Wisconsin - Tomah, where the "I" divides, cranberry country, near some of the largest native American casinos and many of earth's critters are just across the road! Stop by for stew & brew!
  39. Montpelier, Vermont
  40. About 20 miles north of Dallas, Texas in Corinth.
  41. St. Paul, MN
  42. The big, dirty apple - NYC.
  43. "The only Henniker on Earth," as the sign and books say, in central New Hanmpshire. A few minuts from Lake Sunapee, bit more than an hour from Mount Washington and bout the same to Newfane .
  44. London, England<p>

    <img src="http://www.justsayit.co.uk/photos/photo-l-2003/20030712englandlondonthames01-l.jpg" border="0" alt="A postcard from sunny London">
  45. South Bend, IN (Hi Mike!) - home of very little unless you like corn.
  46. Eastern Kansas, about 60 miles South of Topeka. Would rather be in Western Kansas where I grew up, but what th' 'ell, one has to work. Besides, with no rain for 7 weeks, this area is starting to look like the West.
  47. The Wirral peninsula, England. Cheshire countryside, between the cities of Chester and Liverpool.
  48. Sticky, humid NYC, just off Central Park.
  49. Chatsworth, a Southern California town in the northwest corner
    of the San Fernando Valley. I'm lucky enough to live up in the
    middle of the sandstone wilds, where coyotes provide for a
    midnight chorus, and street signs mysteriously disappear too
    soon after they are installed, the better to preserve the cherished
    anonymity of all who reside here.

    Best regards,
  50. Tucson, AZ - Don't even think of coming this way until October!
  51. Originally, from NYC, New York, and Rockland County New York. Presently, living in centeral Israel.

  52. Juriquilla, Mexico. As close as paradise as you can get...Skies azure blue, no traffic, temp in the day...75 ºF, at night 63 ºF 10 months out of 12. What more can you ask for?
  53. Freiberg, Germany (about 40km from Dresden in East Germany). A few weeks per year I stay in Huntsville, AL.
  54. Livingston, MT. (About 50 mi. north of Yellowstone N.P.)
  55. 20 miles north of Provo, Utah. Desert on one side, mountains on the other.
  56. Calgary (that's in Canada). I have a nice back yard, very photogenic.
  57. Rochester, Michigan, somewhere between Detroit and Flint (talk about a rock and a hard place!)
  58. Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, CA
  59. 10025
  60. Hey, I used to live in 10025 (twice!). Now happily in 10027.
  61. Ankeny, Iowa. North of Des Moines a few miles, located pretty close to the center of the state.
  62. salem, oregon - i can offer assistance to anyone visiting who would like to shoot the incredible columbia river gorge, our magnificant variety of landscapes from lush rainforests and mountains to the open vistas of the eastern deserts, bridges or architecture.
  63. Just outside Bergen, west Norway.

    Couldn't wish for a better place to live - except in November (rain alternating with sleet, not expected to stop before February).
  64. wrwick, ri

    10 mins from providence
    30-40 mins from sk grimes ( woonsocket ri)
    about 1hr south of boston

    20 mins from pawtucket ri, the birthplce of the american industrial revolution ..
  65. Monaco, Principality of Monaco.
  66. I spend alot of time in the basement of this building:


  67. Rocket City, otherwise known as Huntsville, Alabama for the past 4 years. Home of the US Space and Rocket Center and Marshall Space Flight Center.
  68. Castro Valley, CA - 45 minutes from San Francisco. Within 2-5 hours drive to Yosemite, Pt. Lobos, Big Sur, Death Valley, and about 5-6 other National & State Parks of incredible beauty.
  69. Ed, is that 2-5 hours depending on traffic? Just joking as I am an expatriate Californian now in the evening shadow of Pikes Peak in Colorado. 2-5 hours from Leadville depending on the weather and the number of RV's on the road:)
  70. Bob, 2-5 hours to the various locations depending on distance, traffic, weather, & fools that are driving in the same direction, that can't drive and talk on the cell phone at the same time. You know the guy, cruising along at 75mph, all of a sudden the guy drops speed by 20mph, for no apparent reason, I pull along side grab a look he has the cell phone cradled on his shoulder, cup of coffee nestled between his legs, GPS lit up like a Xmas tree, his windshield wipers and left turn signal are both going and he has his lap top on the dashboard. Ever run into this guy?
  71. North of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--the Smoky City, the Steel City, the city of bridges and churches, not to mention colleges/universities, museums, and lots of good LF subjects.
  72. Fairbanks, Alaska, just south of the Arctic Circle with annual temperature variation
    of 90 degrees Celsius (150 degrees Fahrenheit). Not the end of the earth, but you
    can just about see it from here. Edward, since Alaska extends beyond 180
    degrees of West Longitude, does that make us Northeast of you :) ?
  73. Jackson, MS. Once each year in the fall I head towards Anne's corner of the world to photograph the Sipsey National Wilderness, and get rained out every time. :-(
  74. Born/raised London England, then 10 years in Montreal Quebec, now in Jacksonville
    FL USA since 1978. I wish there was a passport for "Citizen of Planet Earth"
  75. OKIE-born'd and raised. uncajack... tell me another hotchickster story, and don't skimp on the bikinis. uh, errr... that didn't come out right. come to think of it, make 'em extry-skimpy this time.
  76. Half way up the Hudson,Highland,NY.Im 2 hours from:broadway,the ocean,the mountains and nearby a lot of farms and small towns.
  77. James and Jay De Fehr I too live in Boise ID. I'm glad there are others in our fair, all be it HOT city that know what a real camera should look like. I work for Parks & Rec. Maybe we"ll cross paths. I would suggest Stanley ID. All the mountains and high lakes you care to see.
  78. Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
  79. Tribby, there is this chickster down at the beach (I live within spittin distance) who keeps getting tickets for her uh non compliance with certain city laws regulating the amount of coverage area necassary to be within the prescribed laws. And those lifeguards fight every day just to see who gets to write the ticket that day. You gettin any of them pesky tornaders out there this year? Be good and watch that language boy. Hear me!? Lumberjack
  80. San Diego CA.

    New to large format - in fact I just exposed my first sheet last week.

    Yay me !
  81. If you are in motion, place is just a function of t.

    t[0..t-0](xy) = my life winding up in san jose, same as Ralph.

    t[t+1] = san jose

    t[t+ infinity] = ??? but not san jose

    tim in san jose
  82. I think I make it three in Michigan, 40 N of Detroit and holding.

    John D Gerndt
  83. In a nutshell - not where I want to live ;^)

    Jackson, NJ (the geographic center of NJ). Home of Great Adventure (Six Flags to everyone else). 3rd largest town in NJ (103 sq. miles) but only 44,000 people [so far]. The way the housing market is going here (they're dropping 25 McMansions in behind us starting at $472,000), I will soon be able to sell my house and afford to live where I want.

    Where will I mostly likely live in 2-3 years? Prescott, AZ

    If money were no object?
    In order:
    Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove, CA
    Santa Fe, NM
  84. Hometown of Henry Ford in the Great Lake State aka Dearborn, Michigan .....
  85. thanks uncajack...

    i think maybe you should ask if she minds her pichur taken? naw, wudn't too bad this year. only 59 tornadoes as of the end of may and most, je's pesky, lil' f2's and lower. only one went f4, so we've had it real good, i must say. sadly, this year's f4 chomped many of the neighborhoods that the big one did(f5+ may thurd '99). i was a long way from this year's f4, five miles at least but the following day we had a purty hairy lil' f3 tear-ass right in front of the newspaper office. and there i was, up too high in a glass building, watching the 'nader's rollin' blackout head my way. like a hunnert blue and green gelled strobes goin' off left and right as the transformers popped below, then dark, then on batt'rees. the phones in the newsroom were goin' batshit. all the daytime editors and kinfolks from all over the country callin' in to see if we were still here. everyone in the whole building but me and two reporters in the basement, shakin' like dogs passin' a peach pit. missed us by 1/4 mile. i hate them damned tarnaders whut come of an' evenin'. ya je's cain't spot 'em so's ye kin run.

    we'uhll keep arn heads down an' luv tew yew and yer's,

    Tribby McVeigh-Streisand Thurd the III, esquire
  86. Olalla, WA. I fight traffic twice a day crossing the Narrows Bridge to and from work, but I love it!
  87. I too, hail from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and I wish I could see the Monaco GP live like Jean-Marie can!!!
  88. Tacoma Washington. soon moving about 20 miles closer to Mt Rainier!.... ....to a much smaller town

    I LOVE WA!!!
  89. Indianapolis, Indiana. Crossroads of America. We also have a few automobile races here. Ed
  90. Wichita, Kansas. Hot and dry this summer, sapping my inspiration to get out and make photos. Soon, though. I feel a three-day weekend coming on. Formerly a lifetime in the Dakotas.
  91. Baja Yosemite, AKA Fresno, CA.
  92. Tintern, South Wales.
  93. Houston... Scotland.
  94. Lund, Sweden. Also home to Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval and the
    ugliest, most architecturally miserable hospital in the entire
    world. Oh, we have a Cathedral too.
  95. Istanbul - Turkey
  96. Newport Beach, California. How did that happen?! I was living happily ever after in Berkeley, CA, when my wife got a can't-pass-up job offer in Irvine, CA. I'm still exploring photographically. If you're in town look me up and we can explore together, or leave the cameras behind and go surfing. Your call.

    If there's a moderator reading this, how about adding city, state, and country fields to the Search form in the User Directory (http://www.photo.net/directory/)? It would be a handy way to automatically do what we're attempting to do manually here. Just a thought.

    By the way, Steven Dusk, did you actually command all those buses to line up like that on the bridge? Or was it just a fortunate coincidence?
  97. Way down south

    Port Chalmers, South East coast of New Zealand

    call in if you are in this part of the world.
  98. Stockholm, Sweden. Lovely summer nights, depressing winter darkness, limited 8x10 film availability.
  99. Hi Leslie. I would love to head up to Stanley with my rig instead of sweltering away here in the valley, but I'm in the final spasms of finishing my house at the moment, and won't have any free time until September. I'd love to hear from you, or have a cup of coffee or a beer, or whatever, and check out your Meridian. I'm always on the lookout for an alternative to a Linhof!
  100. Tonopah, Nevada. Not the end of the world, but you can see it from here. I can shoot Death Valley, Ancient Bristlecones, Mono Lake / Bodie / Eastern Sierras, Nevada Northern Railroad, and a million other beautiful places, and sleep in my own bed. My bizcard, but the e-mail is now obsolete. It should be jimgalli@lnett.com.
  101. Gaithersburg, MD about 9 miles out from the Capital Beltway.
  102. Hi Doug. Yes I remember you. That was a great workshop. Hope you can make it to Shasta with us in October. It will be the best event yet. James
  103. Hello Greame Wilson. Where in San Diego are you located? I'm at the beach In Ocean Beach and shoot 4x5 and 8x10 almost exclusively if you want some help. And the darkroom is up and running if you want to play. The Darkroomers meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month in Balboa Park in the photo arts byuilding next to Spanish Village. Which is next to the zoo. Let me know if you want to meet for a cup of coffee. James
  104. New Jersey, 20 minutes by Path train from the Jazz Capital of the World!
  105. Mandeville, Louisiana, on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain, just a quick drive across the longest bridge in the world to the Big Easy. Lots of swamps and plenty of New Orleans architecture to shoot. Only state in the U.S. with civil law (codes written by Napolean himself). -Tim Dunford
  106. 50 MPH Speed Zone Ahead, WA

    (Also known as Olalla, WA)
  107. Gorenjska, Slovenia
  108. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  109. Massachusetts....In a van down by the river......
  110. Kind of a nomad, but based in Europe...Prague is my most 'permanent' base, at least where I keep my place and return to between trips (love for both a woman and the city), but am originally from SoCal (Irvine, then San Diego, now LA/Newport Beach when I'm there). Otherwise I spend a part of each year in Italy (bella Milano; love that food!), the last 4 summers in Spain (BCN - just got back from there), and slip in at least one other place each winter - European winters are not for this SoCal guy. I've also been fortunate enough to live in Paris, London, Hamburg, Munich, Tokyo, Taipei, Capetown, Mexico City...So it's nice to hear that other LF'rs from there. You guys in Sydney; I'm envious. Memories of surfing Bondi at 6am are very sweet... Anybody here from S.Africa, or Africa at all? Now that's a great place...Too bad I wasn't shooting LF yet when I was there! Happy shooting to all...
  111. I live in Death Valley National Park in California. I have met and photographed with James when I was at Mesa Verde NP. I think I went to high school with Todd Caudle but I am not ure since it was back in the stone age. Come on out to the hot place! I have a darkrrom all set up and ready to go. Just getting into LF and want to do work with others. Todd, did you go to Coronado HS, class of 77? James, I will be in OB soon. See ya, Ranger Bob
  112. In the pastoral, peaceful town of Forest Grove, at the extreme west end of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.
  113. On the border between North Carolina and South Carolina and between the mountains and the sea.
  114. Small town USA - Adel, GA. Between two bigger small towns, Valdosta and Tifton. Most of my shots are nature shots - now you know why. Not much else to photograph in Adel!
  115. Rock Hill, SC, a suburb of Charlotte, NC, on the banks of the beautiful Catawba River. I have a 4-mile stretch pretty much to myself and have more flora and fauna than I can shake a camera at.
  116. Sorry for the broken link above. My site is now at http://www.duskart.com
    And here is the missing photo...
    Steven Dusk
  117. Bug infested Tampa Florida here .. with regular visits to tiny tiny Brandon, FL.. just for giggles.
  118. I'm still here Bob. 619-838-8650.
  119. Southeastern Ontario, in the heart of the Rideau Lakes district and near the Thousand Islands, mighty St. Lawrence River. On a trip to California I had the pleasure of meeting James, he's a wonderful tour guide. Don't think there's a photographic nook or cranny in the lower half of the state that he doesn't know about.

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