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  1. It's done, William. I posted the first POTW thread in NW.
  2. In my mind, that No Words thread you posted bears little relationship to the Photo of the Week feature Inthought you were talking about. That feature was the elves (or someone or some group) choosing one photo to feature and garner comments for the week. Isn’t that what you were wanting to bring back? Your current thread is just another free-for-all No Words thread, which are all fun and great but a dime a dozen on PN and in no way unique.
  3. And this is not meant to take away from the initiative you generally show in both starting and participating in threads and gallery critiques. You’re an active and effective member. It’s just to say I think we can come closer to the Photo of the Week I thought you were talking about. And I believe Sandy may be considering some possibilities to get us there.
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    I moved the thread mentioned from the NWF to Casual Photo Conversations. Discussions about the image are not permitted in NWF, so in keeping with the original concept of Photo of the Week I moved it to where they are.
  5. BAAA still fixing for Glenn, I have to duplicate the error on my machine, we had a fix out but it didn't take.
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