What do tourist photograph in your hometown?

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  1. IL-Chicago-hires-Sear's-Tower-ee.jpg
    Sears Tower​
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  2. Monuments. Occasionally, this one:


    In other news, my resolution for this year is to stop burning film on cloudy/overcast days.
  3. Scan0032c.jpeg

    Kerry Park in Seattle, a favorite spot overlooking downtown for tourist photography.

    Taken on (old) VPL120 in a Brownie 2(F) with a type F conversion filter held
    in front of the lens. The color might be wrong because the film is old, the conversion
    filter is wrong, or my scanner doesn't do color balance very well. I tried to fix the
    color in Preview on OS X, but still didn't get it quite right.
  4. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    The Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Harbour generally get lots of attention, yet, those visitors who get out of the City proper, mostly always visit our Beaches.
    Though Bondi Beach is an iconic tourist attraction - North Cronulla is well worth the 30Km drive for a range of pickies which will suit various tastes.

    This is a winter's day -



    P.S. Loved everything about the Cable Cars in SF: spent a whole day at the museum.
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  5. The Library
    Carmel - Harrison Memorial Library.jpg
  6. Most tourists take a picture of themselves standing in front of a bakery supposedly the workshop of a well known decorative cake maker ( I cannot remember his name). The “bakery” consists of an ATM machine and a counter. The bakery is actually elsewhere.
    One alley/street is used almost daily for photography by fashion students because of cobblestone pavement.
    Sorry, not able to upload any pics right now.
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  8. Waimanalo Beach is a fav spot for tourist while visiting Oahu. Several times a day stretched limos pull up and everyone piles out to photograph this house, known locally as "The Hobbit House". Weekend weddings, local and destination, 2k21-2k14-haw-041-013 ce s5 bc.jpg occur on the Beach and formal shots are frequently taken in the front. The house is a private residence so no tours.
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