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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Rod Sorensen, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Thats a good point, dcstep. Can you time your loading of galleries and photos and may be we can compare to mine (posted above).
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    There has been a recent upgrade that some of you may (or may not) have noticed which will improve the gallery user experience. Its a simple modal, on all photos within the Explore tab. So when you click on a photo, the modal appears, which is only the photo and in the lower left hand corner instructions to "click photo", which then functions appear that allow you to follow, admire, favorite and comment or critique - once done, you click X and you are back where you left off. This modal will be implemented in additional areas in the coming days. Our dev ops crew is working on speed. Our tests indicate that international users experience longer load times and we're trying to address that - but will provide a more comprehensive update soon. Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 5.36.38 PM.png
  3. Interesting. For me, with Chrome, a Gallery is instantaneous, but an individual image is about 4-sec.. Back-button takes several seconds, but if I right-click and use the drop-down and select the next page back, it's instantaneous. (That's the way I usually back-navigate). Don't know what's going on there. The fact that some things for you are instantaneous and some are slow does point to a program fault.
  4. Shun, I agree with the content of your last statement wholeheartedly. Honestly I don't frequent the nature forum, so I can't attest to the content of the posts it contains. With all due respect, though, I find the statement somewhat misguided. Issues like those Rod raised, and many other issues pertaining to PN2.0, have been discussed ad nauseam in Site Help.
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    With the implementation of the modal mentioned above, the need to use "back" will be dramatically reduced if not eliminated once it is implemented site wide.
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    Answer 1: We've been working on speed and do have some new devOps chops working on the case. Speed has been a priority since we launched, it has improved but not to the degree we all want. International users experience higher load times.

    Answer 2: Modal is being rolled out which - when a photo is clicked on it will overlay the page clicked from. When done viewing, commenting, favoriting, admiring - simply X out the modal and you are back to where you started.

    Answer 3: devOps guys are aware and we're working on pagination over "load more".

    Answer 4: Order to photos by date, view, admires, etc is coming!
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  7. Glenn,
    The modal view is convenient when viewing a single photo and it avoids reloading the previous page. Its a good idea. However, the modal view still takes 2-4 secs to load for me. I wish, PN was as fast as flickr for example.

    BTW, when I click on the 'click photo' link on the bottom left of modal view and get the two buttons 'View comments' and 'Comment', the 'comment' button is disabled. So to write a comment, I have to go to the photo page, which takes longer time.
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    Two things - 1.) modal comment button is greyed out until you write your comment in the comment field. If you write a comment, the button state will change and allow you to submit your commit written in the modal. 2.) Bad news is our load times as of this moment are a 8.5 out of 10 (10 being worst we've seen) - good news is the guys are able to see what it is that is causing it and they are addressing it now. My hope and expectation is we get faster load times as a result.
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  9. Cheers, Glenn! If this is 8.5, then I agree there's hope.

    also, thanks for the clarification on the comments button.
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  10. Thanks for your explanation, hopefully here in Europe we can continue enjoying PN... looking forward for results in speed for international users.
  11. Not a problem of speed (Strasbourg France). Just trust based on ~overall quality. Don't ask me to elaborate, my command of English is not good enough for me to risk walking on this kind of slippery ground.

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