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  1. Hi all. A friend of mine is somekind of artist, Antoni Tàpies style. Actually I consider him so, and in our circle of friends his "work" is highly considered... my subject this week is a detail of one of his very demanded "desk lamps".
    D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 105VR, 1/125sec - f22, all camera tricks off. I decided to use this lens after reading some new threads about the lens. The original, full sized image, seems to me astoundingly sharp, and the lens is a joy to use; the manual focus ring is not as "perfect" as the one on my 105/4 but works, especially in conjunction with the "Live View" feature.
    Please feel free to post your pic taken with Nikon gear, as usual.
  2. I can't see your picture Jose! Uhmm!
    Anyway, I went to see how the colony of Herons close to my home is doing this year! They are just beginning to mate and they got scare when they saw me. I was using my blind for the first time but it didn't work with them. I will check again in a couple of weeks after they have their egg so they are more tolerant. this time they all took off.
    Here is one of the few shots I took. I kinda like it but the far away wing position is not good. Besides that I thought it was ok.... Cheers!
  3. Every day after lunch we go for a walk around the plant. This was started 11 years ago by two german men and this tradition has been passed on ever since. There are a couple of rules on this walk: -no talking about work -slow pace. A couple of months ago, some of us came up with the idea to take a picture every day and post it in a blog. It's been updated not so regularly, but that's not the point =). Anyway, this is yesterday's picture.
  4. I woke up this morning and realized that it was WedNEsDAy and I did not have a picture!! So I hurried to get dressed, got my camera, tripod and SB900 (which was on another tripod) and took this picture out of my living room window. I'm afraid it's not much and a little colorless in the early morning light, but I didn't have much time before I had to be at work. I probably scared the life out of the little bird with the flash too.
    D300 with 70-300VR @ 300mm, ISO 800, 1/100s, f10 and an SB900 off camera.
  5. I had my first go at proper street photography this week. It was a little scarey at first but overall good fun and I will be trying again.
    D80 + 17-55 @ 35mm, f3.2, 1/250, iso200 - Cork City, Ireland
  6. For my photo this week I saw that the blackthorn had blossomed and with the backdrop of the old barns and blue sky I thought it made a typical 'Spring scene'.
  7. This picture was taken at a local restaurant this weekend..., with D300 and the cheap 35-80D.
  8. a beautiful hazy spring morning up at esthwaite on saturday.
  9. Renè, I know my subject is somewhat odd... just a detail of an even more odd desk lamp. I rejected to shoot the whole lamp because I was not able to show the actual impression it generates... I`m thinking to post another one next week. Mine is "too hard".
    Tàpies work is way more known (MOMA, all Guggenheims, Hirshhorn, etc.); like my friend, extremely controversial. Check this "sculpture". I take this "art expressions" with some sense of humour.
  10. My image this week was taken with a Wisner 5 X 7 View Camera with a Nikkor-W 210mm lens @ f32. Film used was Ilford FP4+ @ ISO 80, developed in Pyro. Thanks for looking
  11. hello again.
    when i was playing (jenka, i don't know the english name) with my mom, dad and older brother i took this picture. i like how i focus on the game pieces and my mother looks out of focus on the background.
    thank you.
  12. Greetings from the still frozen upper peninsula of Michigan! This is on the ice on the southeastern shore of Lake Superior this weekend. My son and his wife are with my daughter to give some idea of the immense expanse and size of the ice. I used my D300 with the 18-200 VR at f8, 1/400 sec, iso 200, at 18 mm. There are some beautiful shots here again already this morning! Have a great day everyone!
  13. Great picture , Hideyuki..., the best image from your portofolio, so far.
  14. Nice job, Shawn, good eye. Street photography is exhilarating. I need to get back out and do some more myself.
    Gary, I'm seldom moved to comment on landscapes but that one is just about perfect. Elegantly simple, beautifully muted colors. A real classic look and feel reminiscent of the early watercolor era.
  15. Hideyuki, I like your photo as well. In the US we call that game "Jenga".
    I too like Gary's shot. Nothing like that golden light.
    Cool UFO Paul....did you get taken to their leader?
    My picture is of one of my backyard friends from a different perspective. We feed the local brown squirels peanuts during the winter months when their food gets a little scarce.
    D3 70-200VR
  16. My Pooch, looking out over Lake Michigan.
  17. jvf


    Wednesday noon at the beach -1C. Have a nice day.
  18. Hi, Saturday night, out in town with my camera - D80, Sigma 10-20mm, three exposures, HDR'ed in Photomatix.
  19. Sunday was our 50th annual local art festival. Artists of all types, they claim there were 2,000 participants. Photography exhibitors were excellent. Lots of fine art, B&W, large format landscape, etc.
    BTW, many exhibitors had signs that said "No Photography" and many others wouldn't allow it. One guy told me that three guys were making the rounds at the booths. Two would distract the exhibitor while the third was taking photos. His fear: A copy of his work would end up in a Wal-Mart for $20 in a couple months.
    One glass sculptor was shocked when I asked permission to take a few photos. Said no one ever asked before.
  20. jfz


    Shot with my Nikon D80.
  21. Let's try this would think that I would have figured out how to get it right the first time by now...
    Here is a picture of an Emerald Swallowtail that I took on the first day of spring. At least it's spring in Florida. Looks like Richard has a while left to wait.
  22. Rene: au contrare; its a great shot. Hideyuki: as usual you are setting a high standard. Hamish: another procrastinator- heh,heh. Dick: well you certainly took the wind out of my anticipated squawk about having to get out in 27 degree cold to make the contribution:) Gary: a museum piece. Bruce: just a delight of color and composition. Can we expect to buy it at Wall-Mart for $20 soon? And now (drum roll) my onlyest street shot ever. BTW I hate to see my breath.
  23. Hello guys, D300/ Sigma 90/2.8 MACRO.
    My lazy cat .
  24. Hideyuki, that's an awesome shot. Gary's has a lot of atmosphere and beautiful light.
    I got to do some processing - B&W conversion to be exact. Image taken with D300 and Sigma 150/2.8, processed with DxO, converted to B&W using Channel Mixer and AgfaPan 25 preset, warm gray tritone Orton and Ethereal Glow applied.
  25. Looks like this week has an "arty" vibe to it - here's my shot.
    This large Acrylic sculpture is from my mother-in-law's house, but I don't remember the artist's name.
    When she first got it there was a fuss because it hadn't been signed, so I helped crate it up to send - I remember it was really heavy!
    D60 with 50mm G 1.4
  26. D40, 18-55 kit lens @ 55mm, 1/640, f/11, ISO 200, Aperture priority, cloudy WB
  27. I had taken this for last week but got tied up and never got it posted.
  28. This was taken at my son's 2nd birthday party this past Saturday. We had his party at the local bowling alley, they had it set up for "cosmic bowling" (think blacklights!). This is my nephew Jonathan, getting ready to hurl the ball down the lane. My mom is the one in the back with the concerned look on her face (hands covering her mouth).
    D80 with Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 HSM, 20mm, in Aperture priority at f/5, 1/60 sec, ISO AUTO was on and at 1100, SB600 with diffuser bounced straight up off the ceiling.
  29. Canada Goose, Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, CA. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, Tamron 1.4x teleconverter, effective focal length 630mm, 1/500s, f/4.5, ISO 200, matrix metered.
  30. Wow! So many beautiful pictures already!
    I processed this last week, though it was shot earlier. HDR with Photomatix. The HDR software I had tried to use originally (Optipix) left nasty ghosts where the tree branches moved slightly between exposures, but Photomatix compensated for the movement.
    D40X, 18-55 kit lens at 18mm, f/11, one exposure of 3 seconds and one of 25 seconds.
  31. [​IMG]
    NIKON D80 50mm AF-D 1.4; 1/160sec @ f 1.4 handheld. Tea farmer, Mt. Mengding, Sichuan. B&W conversion in PS CS3 as a part of my ongoing experimentation therof.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  32. From a series of images I did during a studio lighting workshop in order to test the new Kodak Ektar against DNP Centuria 100 color negative film. This mini-review should be up here on the weekend.
  33. [​IMG]
    "Shag on a log" D90 + 18-200mm
  34. That's a really nice effect, Dieter, reminiscent of the classic Zeiss Softar glow while retaining sharpness.
  35. After a long journey up the Blue Danube...
    D90 + 18-105mm, 1/320, f/3.8, ISO 200
  36. Christoph, nice colour, and the model is totally hot. Who is she?
    I have a series of photos, but i made them into a video.
    If you'd like to check it out, go here:
    Just thought i'd keep up the 'artsy' vibe this Wednesday.
    Taken with a D300, 50mm 1.8, ISO 6400. Put together with Premiere and featuring a song by Italian singer Elisa.
  37. Ian H: Nice portrait, very natural
  38. My first WedNEsDAy post. Yay. Taken with my humble D60.
    "The power of imagination"
    NOTE - if any admin folk are able to turn this into an image post it would be much appreciated. My insert image function is not working....
    My first WedNEsDAy post. Yay. Taken with my humble D60.
    The power of imagination
  39. Under the boathouse. D60+35mmDX
  40. Having some construction work done, I came across this looking like a worker is holding up the whole roof on his head. I sure hope he doesn't get a real bad headache. LOL
  41. silly season continues down at the rich folks' pond, with this very territorial gander taking on all comers (he even gives me a good lookin' over). for the extra reach, i used my D300 w/70-300 VR. instead of all manual, i chose shutter priority of 1/640s and auto ISO, which seems to have worked well (the light was sufficient that it chose base ISO anyway).
  42. The remains of a bike, Philadelphia

    Ilford Pan F 50, Nikon F80 28-90mm at 28mm 5sec
  43. D300 w/18-200 mm Nikkor zoom.
  44. This is my first post of this Forum.
    I was just taking some random shots of my backyard with my D80.
  45. Glad to see all your works again.
    The following photo was taken by my wife's camera D40 (-I normally use my D80) in an effort to prove myself that it isn't the camera I have but my skills that make the photos outstanding and creative.
    D40 ISO400 at f/5.6 55mm with a pop-up flash and sunset cutting thru a bedroom window
    [Level -edited and sharpness-increased in PS]
  46. No pictures this week so here's another from my visit to London last week. I was experimenting with the shift lens. Note the BBC building on the left leaning outwards! I liked the cranes and steeple, but the picture isn't sharp enough. Next time I'll use a tripod.
  47. Sorry forgot to upload!
  48. Nina, very nice work. I like it sooo much.
  49. Great WedNEsDAy this week,and I hope to see even more great shots. Garry,you are getting better and better every week:) I really shot this one passing by....I walked beside the church,and looked to the right,I liked the overall scene. I pointed my camera( D80 with 18-135mm kit lens) at it,but it was kind of empty,and I just waited few seconds when a person walked by the church from the other side and then I took a shot. I converted it to B&W,because I like it better that way and generally I love B&W :)
  50. I really enjoyed the wildlife and flower images this week. Here is a shot I did for my wifes web site.
  51. Well, haven't got much time for shooting these days, but I managed to go trough a couple of rolls last week. Here's a sample as my entry for this week's wednesday thread. Always wanted to make one of those classic "reflection" kind of shots, I wasn't looking exactly for it that day, and it's nothing to set the world on fire, but then again, if you see an opportunity, you go ahead and take it. Shot at sunset, with a N90s, and the 50mm 1.4.
  52. To follow Emilio's style, I was talking a walk with the baby on Sunday. Pushing his car while carrying my photobag is a good training!. Came to a harbor and liked a lot the colors. Hope you enjoy!
  53. Thanks for checking it out Jose! I appreciate it.
  54. I shot this using a Nikon D300 with a 17-55 f2.8 Also used natural light from the patio door.
  55. ---
    beautiful work all around again. thought i'd add a little indoor stuff to balance out all the great outdoor work.
  56. A "cottage" on Grand Lake in Colorado. This picture was taken 9/10/2008 using a Nikon FG and Sigma 35-70 zoom.
  57. Hector awesome pic!
    What do you guys think of mine?
  58. Great pics once again from everyone, I'm really enjoying these threads!
    While having afternoon coffee-break on Sunday, I noticed this reflection of the sky and a dead rose on our dinner table. So I reached for my newly found old flame, D50, and took this shot. (I think my D80 is starting to get jealous.)
    Nikon D50, Nikkor 50/1.8D, 1/1000sec, f/4.
  59. There is an amazing place in Central Oregon called "Hole in the Ground". When standing above this area, it is clear to see it was struck by a massive Meteorite, forming a perfect bowl shape. It is many football fields across, and you can drive down into it.
    I've photographed it a number of times, but never really got the image I wanted because it is so big. I think I always tried to capture the entire hole. I've shot it with a 15mm Nikkor, 16mm, and even an 8mm, and never got the shot I wanted. The other day I used my Nikon FE to shoot this image as the sun was going down. It gave it more depth. I used a 35mm f/2.8 AIS lens, on Ilford Delta 100 film, and stand developed it. I often get ridiculed for using stand development for so many of my shots, but it yields the highest number of images that I both like because they are dramatic, and that are pretty easy to print. It is awfully fun to go out shooting with my older Nikon equipment.
    I must say that I enjoy the great photos in this forum and the stories that go with them.
  60. Very interesting shot Shawn. Welcome to street photography. Yes, it gets scary at times, specially when you run into the authorities, (or they run into you) but it's a very rewarding experience IMHO.
    Pedro, that's a wonderful shot.
    Christoph, I'm anxiously awating delivery of my first Ektar rolls, judging from your shot, it seems it's everything I want it to be.
    Awesome B/W, Ian, Adam, Miroslav, Janne. Michael, great shot, great old Nikon gear.
    Thumbs up Colin!
  61. Opal in the car seat.
  62. walking around oakland's lake merrit the other day, i saw a white pelican trolling for mussells, close to the shoreline. i quickly ran back to my apartment, grabbed the d80+70-300 and ran back down to the lake, just in time to catch this majestic but weird-looking bird. to me the pelican is a sign of good luck--there are many birds at the lake, mostly ducks, geese, and seagulls, but only a few pelicans. and the white ones are even more rare.
  63. Kent, I like your HDR photo. This looks the way our eyes would see it, not overdone like so many HDR photos. Nice work!
  64. Arabic music channel TV screen shot
  65. here's one i took trying out my new 17-55 unless this is from my new 50/1.8 to compare the two.
  66. Thanks Colin. I liked your "wonder woman" too! I like how the pink color of her skirt combines with the inside of the container behind her. Great work!
  67. Hi all! Some awesome shots here...hard to single out a few, but I'll try
    Rene - I think that shot is wonderful! I aboslutely love the composition and the angle.
    Gary - love the light. composition is wonderful. Love how the boat looks.
    Hideyuki - very interesting
    Richard - quite nice. catches my eye from a nice angle. refreshing in a way.
    jf zhang - I like that capture very much. The eyes draw me in.
    Doug Santo - Love the up close and personal view of this. Very nice.
    Eric - very nice capture. I agree it is majestic. Possibly my favorite this week.
    My submission is some ducks taken last Wednesday. Some of the first to come since Spring.
    Take care all.
  68. thanks lex, john, bernie, dieter and gabe. i'm glad you liked my shot.
    nick, cool looking cat.
    dieter, great looking portrait.
  69. Great Photos! The Emerald Butterfly and the Glass sculpture are great. I can't leave the fishing scene. I agree it looks like a water color painting. Please feel free to critique. I haven't been able to travel through NYC (Where I live) because of family and Job! So I took this at my school. I Call it "Dismissal" Please Critique.
  70. Hello loyal Wednesday pic junkies. I thought I had lost this watch (Circa 1930) that belonged to my Great Grandfather. Now if I lose it, at least I will have this picture. Great shots everyone.
  71. Gary, I wish I was there fishing too - peaceful image. Kevin - great picture - maybe because it's saturation looks a bit like a slightly faded print from the past. Adam; Dieter & Miroslav - three totally different tones of B&W - and I like three. Paul - my absolute favorite. Jose - beautiful piece of art. Hideyiku - interesting game and nice picture. John - at the first look I thought you photographed some kind of a cactus - great.
    I've shot some kind of a school-sports-contest. Background and lighting were ugly and I tried some panning. D700@Iso500, 1/60sec and f6.3. I've used the 70-200VR @105mm. I had a lot of bad pictures - usually I shoot panning-shots with a shorter focal length against the light with a touch of fill-in-flash.
  72. double post - please delete...
  73. Not sure I should comment as I have not posted a "pic", but have enjoyed looking at the images.
    Pedro, Nice shot it reminds me of the film reservoir dogs.
    Nina, I clicked on your link out of curiosity, and I liked the clip so much I've watched it three times.
  74. Hello all,
    I've enjoyed looking at the Wed. pictures for the last few weeks. Here is my first submission from a zoo we visited. While I'm saving up for my first DSLR, I's using the photo option on my Canon HG20 HD video camera. I hope that doesn't exclude me from the Nikon forum. I'm saving for a D40 right now and hope to get in a few months.
  75. Some great photos this week I especially like Andy's, Bruce's, Keith's, Dougs, and Hectors I am a sucker for the vibrant colors turn it up to "11"
    Jose if you want to see the picture of the butterfly before I had to adjust it a bit take a look at my profile ( not as easy as it looks).I would do a second post but that's against the rules....;^)
  76. Another week gone by...
  77. This my first WedNEsDay post and there wasn't anywhere to go so I started shooting flowers in the front yard. D90, 16-85mm VR, f/5.6, 1/2500, ISO 200
  78. Behind our balcony, everyday there is a guy like this one keeps venturing to the fastest end of the branches for his (her?) stomach. sure it did not worry about falling down. This image is a small crop of a frame taken with D200 and 105mm f2.5 AIS at f2.8, 1/320 handheld. By the way, Rene, could I borrow your 300mm combo with tripod for half an hour when you are not chasing those lucky birds?
  79. Nikkor 50mm f1.8 (0.6m close focus)
  80. This was taken last Saturday, a friend of mine needed a portfolio for the audition as a hand model this is one of the photos I took
  81. Nikkormat + 50mm/f2.0 - Kodak Double-X.
  82. [​IMG] Haven't used my Nikon in a couple of weeks, here's from last time I used it, D200 and 50 1.4 AF, Sorry is this was shown b4, i don't remember.
  83. From Canyon Lake California 12-24 tokina Grad netrual Filter, D80
  84. Shot last Thursday before heading back down south at the end of our vacation. Used my D90, 18-200mm @ f/16 1/200, and ISO 640.
  85. Beautiful photos from everyone....and already so many posted! Makes Wednesdays something to look forward to! Here is another photo from a volleyball tourney this weekend. I love how the D700 coupled with the 70-200 f2.8 lens is able to capture indoor action shots. This combo is second to none!
  86. ....and now the photo!
  87. It's happening every spring. They land on the roof of our house and scout backyard pond for potential nesting place at same time making a lot of noise.
  88. An atypical view of an iconic building. Captured this past Saturday.
    D700, 24-70mm f/2.8 G, Auto White Balance, Manual exposure, ISO 200, handheld
  89. Sorry for my ever so late input to this thread. I had our appointment to the accountant for taxes this morning. Then I gave my best friend an old laptop & bought her a wireless card for it. Set the whole thing up & got her on the web - then took her out for sushi for her birthday. I got home late - & at that point all the pets demanded my attention..... Due to preparation for this accountant appointment this morning I only had a chance to go shooting one day last week & it was a "slow" day. So my entry will come at the end of this.....
    OK - the stand outs are getting to be far too many for me - this thread is getting better all the time & is such a joy to go through.
    But here are my notables....
    Jose - I like this one.
    Rene' - love the in flight behavioral shot.
    Pedro - I love low angles - so I love the low angle of this one.
    Hamish - thank you for bringing me back to my youth with a visit with the Great Titmouse (I think it's called in English)
    Shawn - I'm not much for this type of photography - but I do like this shot.
    Ian - nice Spring shot
    Paul - neat shot
    Gary - peaceful shot
    Wayne - also a neat shot
    Hideyuki - I do hope that's your first name..... - anyhow - - well done I love your play with the dof (depth of field) in this one.
    Richard - could almost be North Pole - the people look out of place in that environment.
    Kevin - such a beautiful Doberman.
    Jens - Coast of Denmark? Looks just like the coast of Sweden - especially Skåne in the south - love it.
    Andy - neat shot.
    Bruce - love the beautiful colors & shapes
    Dennis - got to love the colors in this one
    Nick - wonderful dof play in this beautiful shot of a Persian.
    Dieter - another beautiful portrait
    Epp - beautiful landscape
    Keith - sweet shot
    Travis - love the intense look of that young man - concentration for sure....
    Doug - super detail & sharpness -excellent portrait
    Matthew - congratulations on your first Wednesday post. Lots of imagination in this shot.
    Andrew - love the light play
    Adam - love the angle
    Tony - congratulations on your first Wednesday post. Spring blossums is always nice.
    Alex - sweet shot
    Steve - cute kitten showing tons of personality
    Hector - love the colors & reflections
    Kevin - super portrait
    Ofer - love the portrait
    Jim - love the main dog - so much character he really deserved his own shot.
    Peter - brings me back to Stockholm, Sweden, as a child for some reason...
    Randy - love the wildflowers
    Cynthia - love it
    OK the threads are getting too great.
    So here's my meager contribution this week. I only had one day out for only part of the day & it was "slow". This is my daughter's top pick of four shots. I'm not sure if it is mine.....D700 with the 300mm AF-S & Kenko 1.4x TC EXIFs embedded...
  90. Lil, thank you for giving me the English name of this little bird! I just couldn't remember it! I knew the Swedish name 'Talgoxe' and of course the Norwegian name 'Kjøttmeis', but my English vocabulary is really suffering, now that the only English input I get is through Photonet :) Unfortunately I didn't have time to shoot him from different angles and the exposure was a bit off, but I'll try for a better shot another day. Beautiful flower BTW!
    My favourites this week are René's heron, Gary's "watercolor", Kent's HDR and Dieter's portrait. I am also rather impressed by Hideyuki. Richard's winter scene appeals too. I love the art that nature creates with ice and snow in the winter time.
  91. Great work everybody!
    WHENSHU.... Hey! No problem! Send me your address and I'll mail it to you! :)
    LIL... great detail on the petals!
    HECTOR... Beautiful colors! Nice to see you back!
    ANDY... Great shot!
    BRUCE... Beautiful! but i expect that from your work!
    JOHN CONWAY... I love it! very interesting!
    Impossible to mention every shot I like..... It would be easier just to say which one I don't like but I don't want Jose to be upset! :) Sorry! I couldn't help it! Some how I like to pick on Jose! :)
    JOSE... Are you still talking to me? :) I took a look at that link. I found a lot of cool stuff in there! Thank s for the link!
    Thank you all for your nice comments on my humble shot! Just remember that for the past 3 years I've been learning from the best here in Photo Net!
    We'll meet again next week! Now i gotta go back to work! Cheers!
  92. A Photo I took at a St Patricks Day Parade. Canon 40D with 17-40mm
  93. This is trully a community were lots can be learned and a place to get inspiration. Rene, I have been "lost" because of a research cruise. Hope I can continue to post in the coming weeks. Thanks for the comments everybody and congrats on your pics!
  94. ...It's Thursday already, but...
  95. Mr. Jens Frederiksen, Thank you for your e-mail. I tried to reply but I couldn't. My dad had already explained about Venice. It must be a very beautiful place. I just hope one day I have the oprtunity to go to Europe and see all those places. Thank you for your kind comments.
    Mr. Paul B, Mr. John Conway, Mr. Bernie Moore, Mr. Dieter Schaefer, Mr. Gabe Souza, Ms. Lil Judd, Mr. Hamish Gray: Thank you for your support and kind words. Your words motivate me to try to learn more about photography. I wish I had more time to use my camera so I could learn faster. thank you very much.
    Ms. Lil Judd, Yes, Hideyuki is my first name. My dad is trying to change my name to just my first name, age and location so it is easier for people to address to me. I like your flower.
    So many beautiful pictures. Thank you for letting participate in this thread.
  96. Clock tower at Kuala Lumpur Independence Square last Sunday. The clouds explain the rain and floods we've been getting for the past couple of weeks. I think it could be improved with HDR.
  97. Steve K,
    I love your volleyball shots! If I may ask, how did you set your White Balance? You've nailed the colors!
  98. Thanks you very much, Lil Judd! I am learning each day. - I love the petals!
    Dan South - Geometry, indeed! I have been trying to take a similar photo for about a month or so...but didn't get chance, yet!
    Mark Doyle - Magnificient photo you got!
  99. Another tremendous Wednesday pic. The number of outstanding shots seems to grow every week. If I had to choose (and I'm glad I don't have to), I would say that Hector's vibrant colors and Kent's HDR were my favorites! Nice work guys!
    To all others, thanks for your posts. They all are a pleasure to see and serve as inspiration to go out and seek new subjects and different compositions.
    See you next week!
  100. To John : "....did you get taken to their leader?"

    LOL , no, but my wife is not convinced (eversince I bought my D3). Beautifull furr , funny picture.

    Thanks Lil , gracious image (as always)

    Georg S. , a perfect shot (colours, composition, tehnique , message)

    This "Wednesday pic", was the best ! So many excellent pictures..., you guys make this day unique.
  101. So many great shots! Love this thread. Took a series of piano shots at my friends house. Have fun ... Ray.
    Wayne ... great scene.
    Richard ... nice ice.
    Andy ... very cool shot.
    Christoph ... now that's a portrait. I envy a talented portrait shooter!
    George S ... love the action.
  102. Ray,
    Thanks! I have two words for you: Helmut Newton. Imitation is the purest form of flattery.
    Okay, that was nine words!
    I was pressed for time during that studio lighting workshop, teams were about to change, so I quickly moved one softbox each to either side of the model, got down low and told her to scowl at me. Sometimes the things we do quickly are best.
  103. Since we missed a couple of weeks I thought I'd take the opportunity to post another shot from Angkor Wat earlier this month. There are endless corridors and mysterious doorways there. This one is on the temple's south side. The alley on the right, just beyond the posts, is decorated with the most elaborate and lengthy bas relief. If you were impressed with the Bayeux tapestry, you need to see what they did in stone 1,000 years ago.
  104. Hi Dan S.,
    In order to get the correct white balance settings for indoor shots I set the camera's white balance by shooting a gray card. I also shoot everything in raw so that I can tweak the color balance by adjusting the RGB settings of different areas of the photo (I use Adobe Camera Raw). Shades of white, gray and black have equal RGB values so if you can find those areas in the photo, you can adjust the color balance accordingly. I like to set the white balance and exposure manually so I get consistent results for mutiple indoor shots. Beware, however, that high capture rates (I can capture images at 8 frames/second) will 'see' the cycling of the lights so they cast different colors. Those frames will have to be individually adjusted to produce true color. Hope that helps!.....Steve K
  105. Hi Rene .
    Nice results you can achieve with the 300mm +1.7x combo. I'm considering that route.
  106. Simon... Hi there! Yeah! I really think it is the best choice for those who can't pay 8 Ks for a 500 mm lens. If you go that way I will recommend a 1.4x TC instead of 1.7x. The reason being that early in the morning or late in the evening when is dark the lens start hunting too much. With a 1.4x TC your aperture stays at f/5.6 which is acceptable. With a 1.7x the fastest is f/6.7.
    Jeff... nice!
  107. Sorry about the latest response, this is my first submission. Took this picture on a trip to Washington last week.
  108. Hey Steve, thanks for the detailed info. Very helpful!!
    Hey Alex, thanks for the kind words. Loved the intimate shot of your newborn daughter! And I agree with you: Mr. Doyle's photo is excellent!
  109. Sorry about the lateness! I know its Wed Pic.. but I'm hoping you'll all forgive me if the photo is from this week ;)

    Shot last night (uploaded to computer this morning) with a D200, 300 f/4, Tamron 2x Teleconverter, on a Tripod.

  110. Kieth, great shot, beautifully framed!
  111. Hi Pedro, your post reminds me that my wife told me about some german family living in Japan who take a walk almost everyday even in rain or storm.
    Hi Nick, I've never seen such a cat shot. Interesting.
    Here's my shot on a weekend walk of a sign that Spring has come.
  112. I didn't have time to really look or comment this morning, only to get my post up on my way out the door.

    As usual, wonderful work here. For a weekly group of submissions, I never stop being impressed by the great photography shared here.

    Jose, I love the lamp, very abstract shot that grabbed my interest right away. If you hadn't told me it was a lamp, I wouldn't have known ;)
    Gary M, great composition! That lake looks like a nice place to spend some time.
    Doug S, great portrait of the goose, nice detail. I'm still looking for permission to get closer (private property).
    George S, great pan shot. Those are so hard. You have done an amazing job capturing the motion while keeping the subjects sharp.
    Dan S, the angle you photographer the building at makes me very uncomfortable when looking at the image. This is a good thing though, because it makes me want to look even longer. Great job.
    Mark D, I hope you gave them your business card!
    As I see every week, not a bad photo in the lot. Great work everyone, and thanks for sharing.
  113. Sorry for such a late post. WedNEsDAy PiC has turned into one of my favorite 'forums.' Tremendous variety and talent shown by everyone. I'm amazed at the consistently great photos given the wide variety of equipment used and the wide variety of photography experience of the participants. WedNEsDAy PiC's proves it's the photographer's eye that makes the picture, not the equipment used.
    This was taken on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on Wednesday 3/18.
  114. Another reminder from your humble moderator:
    Please keep the file sizes under 300 KB . That should be plenty for JPEGs up to 700 pixels wide. I see most are closer to 100 KB but a few folks are pushing the margins. (And, no, I'm not going to point fingers and let's please refrain from doing so even in jest.)
    Right now it's taking 87 seconds to load this page from a clean cache (much shorter when it's cached, of course). When it approaches two minutes I may have to consider deleting oversized photos or shutting down the threads a bit sooner. I don't want to impose any hard limits or photo upload deadlines since folks are enjoying this so much (which I find delightful!). But in the interest of expediency I may need to consider closing the weekly threads by the weekend following each Wednesday as these threads grow in popularity.
    So, please, check your file sizes before uploading. Thanks.
  115. My favourites this week:
    Ian Rance
    Hideyuki Miya
    Richard Armstrong
    Kent Shafer
    Kevin Horsman (picture of the week)
    Miroslav Majstorovic
    C. Bay Milin
    Jeff Lipsman
    ... and pretty much all of the others too.
  116. sorry, dual post: duly edited.
  117. D70, f5.6, 1/15th, SB-400, 18-70 Kit Lens
    Bellagio Hotel garden taken last Wednesday night.

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