Wednesday Landscapes, 7 February 2018

Discussion in 'Landscape' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Some landscape images I know are contemplative, and some I know are not. And then there are those in between, which is where I’d peg this one. Whether I see the in-between ones as contemplative or not seems to depend on my mood, while the two end-members seem affect my mood. Still contemplating contemplation...

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  2. Maybe this one is contemplative with an edge? The activity in the textures of the tufa (Mono Lake's limestone formations) against the smoother and more passive water and sky produces for me a kind of contemplation counterpoint.

  3. The tree is the official logo of Pebble Beach Co. so you can't even sell your photo of it without permission.
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  4. Pictorial Carmel Coast
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  5. big sur garapata bw s.jpg

    Ten or fifteen miles down the coast from Lone Cyprus, and away from the crowds, at Garapata State Park.
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  6. I offer no opinion whether the following image is contemplative, since I'm not sure about the meaning of "contemplative" in a photographic context. I shot it in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. fullsizeoutput_3d1bcopy2.jpg
  7. Scenes with water seem more typically "contemplative" to me for some reason. 16x20 el capitan one.jpg
  8. I agree with you in this case. Aside from the peaceful atmosphere of the image, the area of light leading one's eye to the moon (sun?) can provide grist for the meditative mill.
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  9. Other meditative potential can be found in:

    SAND - LINK (Zen garden minimalism + soothing texture)

    REPETITIVE GEOMETRY - LINK (Grace Cathedral Labyrinth)

    CLOUDS - LINK (Stieglitz Equivalents - a seminal series which Minor White took to a more meditative place)
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  10. Fred, don't most Zen gardens also include symmetrical patterns in the sand?
  11. To me contemplative equates to serene and Leslie's image "fills the bill", as do most of the images . Fred G's image wakes me up, I like it, but it is far from serene, it is powerful.
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  12. I’ve seen them both ways, some with symmetrical patterns in the sand, others with asymmetrical patterns. Often, when the patterns in the sand itself are symmetrical, the rocks or other elements are positioned asymmetrically.
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  13. _MG_1032A_5x7.jpg

    Mono Lake Canon PowerShot PRO 1
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  14. Chicago Botanic Garden
    Sony A9 + Sony 24-70/2.8 GM

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