Viltrox Nikon F->Z Adapter (New Fully Auto Nikon F > Z Adapter)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mike_halliwell, Jun 30, 2022.

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    Does it have an AF motor to drive non-AF-S AF lenses?
  2. Seems not, but they could be keeping that detail for the official release.. although I don't think so.

    I'm surprised they didn't make an FTZ-E.

    From my point of view, if it's cheap enough, it will provide the comms chips etc to make custom F>Z mounts. I couldn't bare (or afford!) to trash a Nikon FTZ!

    As to the 'function button'.. who knows??
  3. No login? Doesn't seem to work unless you're a member of something.
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  4. Well I'm certainly not an Instagram member and the link goes straight through.

    Anyone else managed to make it work?
  5. You shouldn't have to be an Instagram user to see the content in their web interface AFAIC
    I went right through, but I am an Instagram user.

    If above link fails, try this to see if you have more luck:

    Viltrox Official on Instagram
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  6. Nope, I get a login option to use facebook, but must, it seems, log in to something. No facebook here.

    It is possible there is difference because I'm away from home and using an old Android tablet and on this I also have no Google ID.
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    If they are ready to sell this thing, I am sure they'll advertise it. Nikon already has an FTZ and FTZii. Sometimes Nikon gives them away or sell them for $100. Any competition either has to be really cheap or must be able to drive AF/AF-D lenses to AF to have any appeal.
  8. Yup!
  9. The FTZ or FTZii are cheap enough that I wouldn't consider any third party adapter unless it can AF the screw driver lenses. Otherwise it's not worth it to risk problem.
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  10. What I want to do is make a helicoid macro adapter that at minimum extension allows Inf focus with my 300 PF on my Z6ii but at maximum extension allows ~1/2 macro whilst still all auto.

    I need the FTZs electronics and some 12 core signal wire and a set of Z extension tubes, but don't want to trash an FTZ, they're not THAT cheap!!
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    It looks like the new Viltrox adapter is called the NF-Z, i.e. from Nikon F to Nikon Z. It is essentially a clone of the original FTZ, along with a rectangular block sticking out from the bottom, and it has no AF motor built in. Therefore, if you have those AF/AF-D lenses without an AF-S motor inside the lens, it remains to be manual focus on Nikon Z bodies.

    The adapter is $179 at B&H, cheaper than $200 to $250 for the Nikon FTZii. I don't see any reason why I should get this adapter. It blocks the vertical grip on the Z9, etc. just like the first FTZ.

    Viltrox Nikon F Mount Lens to Nikon Z Mount Camera Adapter
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  12. That's stupid money!

    Viltrox EF to EOS is £38 on Amazon....:(

    Maybe they should have made an FTZ-E, ie leave out the aperture mechanics?
  13. Is this a product the market needs?
    Super cheap or with screwdriver capability I could understand.
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  14. Ah, no.

    At that price I won't be trashing one to get the inside bits i want...!
  15. Just had a look around and I can get a used FTZ for LESS than their new price!

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  16. I would prefer to see an FTZ adapter which supports AI metering. When using AI lenses it would be nice to see the actual aperture used in the viewfinder and exif data. That is one of the friction points which has so far stopped my buying into the Z system. Yeah, I know that I am old school, and I'm not sure how much demand there would be for an AI FTZ, but Nikon did keep the AI-S line going for a long time - the last ones only discontinued in 2020 - so there is still a lot of love for these older lenses. It is a shame they couldn't provide just a little more support for them in the Z system :)
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  17. And less than what a new FTZ costs too! Apples and oranges. Compare used prices to used prices, new to new.
  18. No, why should I? That's my point!

    Who is going to buy a new, 3rd party adapter for more than the cost of a used genuine article.

    There are a lot of FTZs around that were provided free with the early Z bodies, their owners have now gone pure Z with no use for a 'clunky' adapter..... and along comes Viltrox and repeats the same design, along with it's flaws.

    Sure the 'old' FTZ could be badly worn etc etc, but the idea that the clone has a USB-C port solely to update it, implies it will need updating and it will be them that provides the FIRMWARE. Maybe they won't bother with your NEW, but obscure Nikon Lens?

    Too risky and you don't even save any money.

    Business Model, from my point of
  19. Well, Mike, a new 3rd party product may be (and probably is) in a better state than a used 'original' product. Which is a very good reason to pay a little bit more.

    And if you are willing to buy used, i bet you that a used Viltrox will also cost less than a used Nikon adapter.

    And what is there to moan about the possibility to update (and program, perhaps) firmware?
    You rather not have that? Don't use it then.

    You really are comparing apples to oranges. But if that makes sense to you, please do!
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