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  1. After getting acquainted with my 503cx, I wanted to be able to use it on my arca swiss head along with my other cameras and after searching here, it was either adapt the hasselblad plate to an arca swiss plate or swap out the tripod plate on my camera body. found clear sight still has this plate and ordered one. Very helpful guy and fast shipping. No problems there. But after checking, my original screws were too short and the paper work with the plate stated that if they were, to contact Hasselblad and order the longer screws needed with part numbers listed on the paper work. After contacting Hasselblad, I may have to give up medium format photography with this company as $15.80 for ONE 3.5mm screw is a little much for me. She double checked. That is the going price from Hasselblad. If anyone knows of a source with a better price, please indulge me.
  2. Measure the screw and order some from your local on-line purveyor of small screws. They are never inexpensive, but should be less than that price. What really hurts is the minimum order and shipping, but there really aren't too many options. I've not had good luck with hobby shops that service the RC or model train communities but you may want to try that option of htere is one near you.
  3. I think (but can't be sure without checking) that this is the place I once used with success:
    Or maybe not because I bought metric sized screws and don't see them at this site.
  4. Thanks Brian, I'll give them a try. There are some hobby shops close by though, I'll have to check and see if they can source the same thread.
  5. If you can't find it here * * it likely doesn't exist :>). Yes, that metal from Sweden is expensive.
  6. SCL


    I've often gone to my local Ace Hdwe store to get shorter or longer screws for the ARCA plates for my various cameras. Never cost more than $1.20 regardless of size.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll check all my local sources first. Didn't know if this was a "special" thread besides the numerous metric types already out there.
  8. I'd just add an Arca-Swiss compatible QR plate rather than replace the existing H'blad tripod plate.
  9. D.F. -
    A quick sample of one type of 3.5mm screw from McMaster Carr, in stainless too. Note the "proper" prices compared to other sources. If you need socket head, hex head, or most others they can acquire them altho they aren't neccessarily listed in their catalog. I'm sure it's similar for the other places mentioned above.
    Good luck.
  10. oops ...
  11. The tripod screws are 1/4" UNC
    You should be able to buy them in stainless steel as socket head screws, just like those supplied with Kirk or RRS and other brand Arca-Swiss compatible plates.
  12. RRS makes several plates which will fit an Hasselblad body, for both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 size adapters. There is a lip which fits against the side or end of the existing Hasselblad plate, to keep it from rotating. This square plate fits into an Arca or RRS clamp in either direction. The hole is slotted so the lip can be drawn up tight against and edge of the Hasselblad plate. A longer plate would be used parallel to the lens axis. I have both types, but the square works better for something things, like a flash bracket or nodal slide.
    You can purchase extra SS screws from RRS for a nominal price. I recommend socket heads, which can be tightened more easily.

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