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  1. Yes, it definitely does matter what you do with them, - and if you're not doing anything with them, why do you still have them? (I mean you as in me)

    That is why I'm thinning the herd. I have about 4 more cameras than I'll use.
  2. Various time I pause and think of what I am doing in my life and not just related to photog. In the shorter term we want gear and more gear but then the time comes and I reflect on what did I do and why did I do it and I struggle for an answer. Cameras etc are just tools, sure some are better, at the end of the day it produces images to be viewed on screen and on the print. Mirror-less wasn't avaiable then so I have a dSLR. I also have a RB67 and a Hassie 500 but I don't really use it that often and ok I got them very cheap used, so most of the time for me they just sit there and goes thru a couple of rolls a year when I have something planned so I go and spend an afternoon and slowly take some shots. Smartphones are just so convenient and can take images when you never thought about carrying your camera, hence I am interested in a large sensor compact. I guess like a classic car or a fountain pen, but I won't imagine many people would be using them all that often.

    I could be OK if I just had a digital body with 2 or 3 lenses and a premium compact.
  3. Allen makes a good point in that the photos are more important than the gear. It shouldn't matter which type of gear you have or how much of it as long as it can produced photos you like.

    My problem is that I like the old gear a little too much I think ;) I enjoy fixing it up, which is fine, but I've been spending too much time on it and now I've got more stuff than I actually use. So it's time to scale back.
  4. I've only got a older Nikon D70 and a D600, RB67 and a Hasselblad 500CM. Should get a batch of film back (from the lab) mostly 120 format and will see how it goes. All slides. Got some in the freezer and finish them off. Other than a road trip I did in April the 120 cameras have not been taken out once other than the 1 or 2 days. I also have a Nikon F100 and Fm2n. Maybe I would eventually just shoot b/w film. Yeah .. a lot of times locally here, it was so low key that I could had shot it with any camera but I just said to myself I have these 120 film stashed in my freezer that I mind as well use it even thou I couldn't care less which way I went with. If I adjust for that a lot the times I used film, I didn't needed to. It was just a 1hr walking along the local beach during lunch time (noon sun). Wasn't any special event or planning involved.

    Not in the USA. But here in NZ. A used Hasselblad digital back itself without a screen needs to be teethered could be had for $700US. A Hasselblad H3D with the normal lens together is $3,500US.
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