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  1. I have two cameras sitting around on the shelf. They are:

    Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Favorit (887/16) with 75mm (1957-1960) and a

    Arco 35 Automat D (f2.4 lens).

    I purchased both of them for a total of $31 and the bodies appear in very good condition especially the Zeiss which is in excellent condition and came with the original case. I am unfamiliar with both of these models.

    Any thoughts on having a CLA performed on either one of them?
  2. SCL


    I'd give them a try to see if there is any lack of functionality or excessive resistance in use, before submitting them to a CLA. They may not need it yet.
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  3. There are many working cameras available in that price range.

    A good CLA cost much more than that. Cheaper to keep buying cameras until you get enough working ones.

    Most recently is a Canon IID2. It wasn't that cheap, but cheaper than I expect a CLA would be, and
    it seems to work fine.
  4. Unless you can do the CLA yourself, it is, as said, probably easier to find a working one than to find someone who will do it, regardless of cost.

    In any case try working them a little without film to loosen them up, then actually shoot (film in) them. It may be that they already work.

    My different model Ikoflex needed no work at all.

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