The Lighthouse

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  1. 0344a Anochecer Faro Hércules Desde Suelo Losas Piedra Contraluz-Coruña NAFS18-55VR.jpg
    Nikkor AF-S 18-55 DX (18) ​
  2. Southwold Lighthouse, handy for the shops.
    LighthouseSouthwold_F5328-407 (1 of 1).jpg
  3. Round Island Lighthouse, Mackinac Island, Michigan. (far right) Strait between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

  4. Couldn't resist - did you stay at the Heceta Lighthouse B&B Dieter?
  5. Portland Head Light

  6. Launch of the space shuttle Discovery, April 5, 2010, as seen from the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.
  7. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    02-143_0406 - TONY0010 - LH and Church.jpg

    'For those in Peril, on the Sea'
  8. makapuu lighthouse c.jpg
    Makapuu Lighthouse, Oahu, Hawaii
  9. NC-Outer-Banks_-Cape-Hatteras-Light.jpg
    Cape Hatteras Light
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