The current value of used Leica M9's

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  1. Now, currencies are a funny thing but I remember about 18 months ago looking up prices for used M9's (NB - apostrophes are acceptable as plurals in very limited cases). I recall that they were about US$3000. They haven't dropped much. I followed one American auction and the camera sold for US$2,680 (eBay item number: 191890609090).
    Not bad - for a camera that has potential sensor issues, has no fancy features, has a noisy shutter and is over six years old. Still, I do not believe that cameras should be seen as investments in and of themselves. If anything, the photos you take are the real investments.
    And BTW, used 6x6 Hasselblads are not cheap, either. I dare say that they've gotten slightly more expensive.
  2. It's got the red dot of course it's expensive, same for Hassies; they're both cult camera brands
  3. You might want to try getting one from a UK dealer in a week or two - with the £ dropping through the floor after recent events over here, the exchange rate should be very favourable!
    I've seen a couple advertised as having the new sensor fix - don't think I'd want to buy one without this right now. Apart from the Leica mystique, the CCD sensor seems to have something of a following - supposedly sufficiently different from the current sensor to make it an interesting alternative even now.
  4. It's got the red dot of course it's expensive, same for Hassies; they're both cult camera brands.​
    Another expression of reverse snobbery. How informative.
    I opted for the M9P, which omits the red dot and adds a sapphire rear LCD cover (plus minor cosmetic changes). I don't think there are any changes to the sensor or performance-related features v the original M9.
    A Leica M represents the ultimate rangefinder camera in quality of design, materials and construction. It is solid, not too heavy, and just the right size (IMO) for a working camera. Moreover you get the feeling of a precision instrument, built to last. While durable, they are not without faults, nor does rangefinder technology meet many needs. Let us say that a Leica has few peers in a world where quality is hard to find, even if you are willing to pay for it.
  5. The M9P's are quite beautiful. Mine started life as a regular black paint M9 and was converted by the prior owner to M9P specs.
    I've started noticing M9's on eBay listed as having the latest sensor installed. It's easy enough to confirm with the unique 1.204 firmware and certainly the right price since Leica does it for free, even if you were not the original owner. If I was shopping for one today I'd look for one with the new sensor already installed since it can take as long as 4 months to get it done if you happen to be the one who has to ship it in, like I was.
    If all you need is a digital version of the M7....still image shooting only, you can do worse than an M9
  6. As a Leica owner I don't quite get how it is reverse snobbery :)
    A Leica is a precision instrument, feels like one, and most definitely costs one. The red dot is indicative of quality and you're going to pay for it
    Though 'the ultimate rangefinder' is quite the fanboy statement, especially for a 35mm camera
  7. Edward found kinder words than me. Nonetheless: right now we have 2 factors rising prices: we are pretty close to vacation season and some folks see the last days of money at their horizons. - At least that is what I am seeing in the news: Euro & GBP rates dropping, folks selling European shares (especially of banks!) and gold price going up.
    Investments? - Rockwell points out how one could have made money with lenses. Al Kaplan always insisted on shooting his Leica gear for free because he could resell it for what he paid for, when it became too beat up. - I'm too badly informed to comment on that, especially for people who are living with inflation. What I see here in Europe: It became terribly difficult to transfer cash for a BigMac into the future, so spending now and eating cheaper then seems the way to go.
    If one fancies an(other) M9, why not go for it? - The sensor issue only costs shipping and patience when it appears and alternatives only count if you could afford them.
  8. You could get a 6 year old laptop to pair it up with.
  9. One could also look for expired film from the 70's to shoot with their M4's. I prefer the newer stuff.

    My desktop is 7 years old BTW. It's been updated a time or two, but still....
  10. Well the M9 is a pretty camera and if you are ok with outdated electronics then just buy one and enjoy it.
  11. You could get a 6 year old laptop to pair it up with.​
    I initially dismissed that remark as dry humour. However, there is some truth in that. I have a piece of software, though not photography related, that only runs on PPC Macs, and only on 10.4.
  12. I have a friend with an M9 and he is selling it this week for $1700.00. No dings, dents or anything and of course the body only. He said a DSLR is next.

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