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Discussion in 'No Words' started by G-P, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Andy Goldsworthy sculpture. (I tried deleting all but a few of my photos, but either I missed a bunch due to the interface, or a bunch came back.)

  2. Trying full-size (thought I'd asked for it). (Confirmed that the deleted photos came back - I found the portfolio page as it was with only 3 pics as I had left it after I was through deleting, in another tab.)

    Being able to type inline with the pic is nice.
  3. When I post there is a "Reply" link on lower ring of frame but no "Like" as I see on other people's images. Is this because I am the author of the picture?
  4. IMG_0105.JPG Testing the system
  5. New problem: when I open the page it keeps re-loading. i have to click every time on the stop-load/re-load button in the URL space. Am I the only one with this problem?
  6. Another TEST... DSC_6423_HDR.jpg ...Hallway in Texas State Capitol.
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  7. After being "nameless" for about a week and getting the "enter your address" while trying to re-enter all my data, I try "here" & "here" for the address and shut down. Does it work now that my name has returned? ? Bill YES YES YES
  8. Morning Glen. If you get a few moments,find out who the idiot is putting the astro-psyco ad all over three pages. Black & White Forum. Scree name is baba king209. It looks some type of troll, so I would not even attempt to read the post. . the outline was weird enough. Aloha, Bill
  9. I am still unable to update my screen name to Glenn McCreery, which prevents me from posting images. I hope that Glenn figures this out soon. I know that he is trying.
  10. Weird, it worked as soon as I inserted the last comment, but not before. I will now attempt to insert an image. dog walking.jpg
  11. It worked! And now, like Bill, I am no longer nameless!
  12. Thank you Glen for tossing the troll into the dust bin ! Glenn, I even managed to put an avatar onto my "nameless" name ! Aloha, Bill
  13. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

  14. testing again. 917fox.jpg ok, progress!
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  15. I'll try another. 7257 Super moon 11 13.jpg
  16. It's very odd that I have to hit "Post Reply" to post the image. This is going to take a lot of adjustment for me!

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