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  1. Hi folks - for the third time in a year, I have a circular polarizer filter stuck to the front of a lens. From looking at the filter connection, it appears as if the threads have become misthreaded and the filter refuses to budge, even after trying the usual solutions - rubber band, filter wrench, very careful use of a water filter wrench. It looks like I'll have to take the lens down to the only camera shop within about 50 miles - Hunts, not my favorite place, but... My question is not how to get the filter detatched, but rather why this keeps happening. The first filter was a Hoya pro the last two have been BW filters. Should I consider a different brand filter? Is this a filter quality issue or a user issue? If quality, what filter brand do you recommend? If user issue - what am I doing wrong? The current lens is a Canon 28-135, but it has also happene on the Canon 70-200. Thanks for any help -
  2. If you're near Arlington, you could try Sanford Camera Repair.
    Are the BW filters of the brass ring style or the cheaper aluminum (often seen/sold only outside of the USA) ? The lens threads may have already been compromised by prior 'stuck' events or even slightly out of round (undetected rough handling etc etc)
  3. Hi Howard - thanks for the quick response. I'm on the northshore of Massachusetts, not far from the NH border. Arlington is something of a shelp, but possible if Hunt's can do nothing.
    The BW filters were the brass ring style - I just got the 28-135 lens as a replacement for one that was stolen. Yesterday was the first time I used the lens. The filter is older, which makes me wonder if the threads on the filter are compromised in some fashion. The fact that this has happened so many times and to two different lens (two different filters also) makes me wonder about the quality of the filters versus something I'm creating. Things like this make me insane!
  4. Some additional thoughts
  5. You write "What am I doing wrong?' Some thought that come to mind are:
    1) The most obvious is you are cross theading the filter and forcing it. Gently does it. When you mount the filter, do it slowly and gently. If you run into resistance before the filter is fully mounted, STOP, remove the filter, and start again.
    2) The threads on the lens were damaged when you crossed threaded the filter the first time. When you get this filter off, examine the threads on the lens with a magnifying glass. Do you see any damage or burrs? Run your finger slowly around the threads. Do you feel andy burrs?
    3) The threads on the camera or the filter are dirty. It does not take much dirt. Examine them with a magnifying glass. Gently clean with a dry, soft toothbrush. Be especially careful cleaning the threads on the lens; you do not want to scratch the fron element or damage the lens coating.
    I do not think it is your brand of filter. B-W is one of the best brands - a quality product.
  6. I have found in the past that for whatever reason filters tend to stick in the threads of the lens. They are not cross threaded and I have managed to get them apart very simply by pressing the lens and filter together very hard between the palms of your hands and then turning. It might come. It works for me as well as when filters get stuck in step rings or when stacking filters. Even polarizers.

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