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  1. Wondering if anyone out there could help me.
    I currently have a Canon 10D. Just yesterday, about half way through shooting a night out with my kids, I noticed my photos displayed were changed to a very solarized effect. I thought at first maybe it was just the card or maybe the lights in the area effected the photos but I tried again today while the kids were playing outside in the snow. All the photos now are very solarized - no red color at all. I have tried changing lenes, flashes, batteries, cf cards...even verifiying and changing to different settings but i keep getting the same result.
    I am a family photographer who is starting business back up in a week and I am currently out of a camera at this time. I have a 20D as my backup but lately, no matter what battery I place in there, it reads as if the battery is dead. I am at a complete loss right now and have no idea what to do.
    If anyone can lend any advice, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hi Nicole. Just checking that when you said batteries, you have taken out the main battery AND the time / date battery (the one on the bottom of the camera where the tripod screw mount is) ? Thats Puppy Faces normal advice , it creates a total reset, try it on both cameras , hope that helps Mike n PS You might put a new time /date battery in while you are at it... cr 2025 i think?
  3. Thanks Mike! I did do that, even replaced it but I am still getting the same results.
  4. OK Just another wild swing of the bat /How is the color space set .sRGB or Adobe RGB ? page 58 manual. Then you said it was halfway thro shooting ? So chances of menu change zilch? Miken
  5. PS have you a grip on the 20d? If so , pull it off and try the main camera battery insert only , replace the battery door, and try again, could it be a bad connection grip to camera , Hope that helps Miken
  6. its currently set on Standard. I did try to change it just now to each individual setting....sadly still same result. the place where I took photos yesterday was in a botanical garden, at night, so the lights were very dim, glass all over, greenish lighting. Could taking photos in that type of setting without the flash cause something to happen to the camera? One photo is one taken (on rapid shoot) and its solarized from then on. Also, could this possibly be that I lost a color within the camera. If so, what term would I use to describe this to someone looking to repair the camera. Any help has been fantastic Mike!
  7. OMG! Atleast I know I'm trying everything possible before I posted my issues. Yes I have a that too did not work :)
  8. side note....if i were to get a new camera to replace these...knowing what I had before, what would you chose between the 7D and 60D. I'm tryinng find a camera compatible with atleast some of the accessories that I currently have with these. i really am going blind on this topic since the current ones I own were both gifts from a friend that no longer practices photography. I have absolutely no idea where to start.
  9. Well, the only clue there is Rapid shoot ,you say one shot was ok, then solarizing happened, and you have changed settings since , it may be your 10d needs attention / replace ASAP . How about grip on 20d did that work ? Miken... I cant see that the shots in the garden would of itself jigger the camera , it takes what is there . A channel ? too techie for me .. maybe someone can chip in ? miken
  10. Nicole If you have canon lens ..ef... you can go with 7d or 60d .. but what each camera has to offer is your choice . looking up the reviews of both may help you there ..Mikem Happy shots
  11. no the grip idea didn't work. already tried it. thanks for al your help Mike! have a great night!
  12. Thanks. Wish yu well MIKEN
  13. [[20D as my backup but lately, no matter what battery I place in there, it reads as if the battery is dead]]

    Are these batteries all the same age?
  14. I don't know Rob but I must say, putting the batteries into the Canon 10D that I have and they work great so its not the batteries as far as I can see.
  15. Dd you try resetting it to factory?
  16. Nicole, it sounds like the sensor in your 10D is going bad. It's very common for a bad sensor to start having problems in bright light, since there's so much more light to process than indoors.
    As far as the 60D vs. 7D, there's no real direct replacement for your cameras. If there were, it would be smack dab in the middle of those two. Both cameras will be a step up technologically, in every single way. Everything the camera does will be better. But the 60D is not built as solidly as your current cameras (though it is still very good), and the 7D adds a bunch of upgrades to the 60D beyond build quality. I can't tell you how important they are (most of them are user-customizable options and video stuff, so really only you can say how important it is), so I'd do a little research on whether or not you want the extra stuff, and think about how important the magnesium body is. The 7D does other stuff too, but if you're perfectly happy with how your current cameras work, then either camera will vastly surpass that.
    For what it's worth, the 7D is considered by most people, Nikon and Canon users alike, to be the best DX camera there is. But since the upgrades may not be relevant to you personally, you might be just as happy getting the 60D and keeping the rest of the money.
  17. When all your gear is beyond a certain age, it becomes likely that multiple pieces of eqp will go down at the same time. Crud happens, and, given how old your gear is, I'm frankly surprised it hasn't happened sooner.
    A repair job on either camera is simply NOT cost effective. Both pieces can be replaced for less than one of the repairs. Since you know that the batts are 'good', and cleaning the contacts did not fix the problem, the problem likely resides within the body, and either is due to an internal connection problem, or a bad voltage regulator, or other power supply component. either way, the repair is far more expensive than the value of a functional used unit. The Same goes with the 10D. a new sensor, or primary DiGiC chip, or a/d convertor (all potential causes) would cost vastly more than the camera is worth.
    I would advise replacing with more current gear, whether that is a new (to you!) 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, or 7D should depend upon your budget. I would probably complement it with a new (to you!) Rebel, which, frankly could be anything from an XTi on up, and that would give you a backup as well as a newer 'primary'
  18. Thanks for all the comments. I have one final request (especially from you Marcus)... If I were to get a new (to me) camera, what site do you suggest as the most reliable in gently loved cameras?
  19. If I were to get a new (to me) camera, what site do you suggest as the most reliable in gently loved cameras?​
    B&H Used Department or KEH.
  20. If you take a picture of a well illuminated white target, do all three RGB histgrams line up? THis might help you determine if there is a problem w/ a color channel. Does the image change significantkly if you set whte white balance on the target.
  21. Hi,
    It looks like what happened to me on my used 50D. The verdict was that moisture entered the body and the circuits experienced some kind of corrosion. Maybe it's the way you store your geared, maybe it's a cold/hot kind of situation... it could be that and many others, but the result is the same, a (almost) dead sensor.
    In my case, I dumped my 50D and went for a brand new 7D... no regret here!
    Hope it helps!
    P.S. I used my 50D again for some weird shots! But it went (really) dead a few weeks after...

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