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  1. Did anybody clean sensor on their camera ? - i tried to remove a spot on it, then i relized --is not there and problem is on the part above mirror, which is what is reflected in viewfinder ( Rebel 6 )...i applied that solution -that made thing worst, small particules seemed like they mere glued and impossible to remove... to make things worst i dameged the focus points - so when camera focusing i dont see anymore red points,.... although camera can be used and is cheap one, just wonder - what i did wrong , so i wont make same mistakes in the future,-) thanks,

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  2. Sorry about your problems, but the farthest I will go when it comes time to cleaning a $ensor, is using an air blower. I drink too much coffee in the morning to take a chance with one of those DIY cleaning methods. So far, the sensors on my cameras have not gotten bad enough that my air-blower could not handle(knock on wood) . If that was the case, then I would take it to a professional.
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  3. I think focusing screen can be replaced or at list taken out for cleaning. I did it on 6D, not sure about Rebel. YTube must have some videos how to do it.
  4. I've done do-it-yourself sensor cleaning about 3 times. Once it sort of worked, but I ended up sending the old 5D in for professional cleaning anyhow. That one was particularly troublesome. Later models were better

    Since the vibrating sensor and excising more care in not leaving the mount open for any longer than absolutely, I've found an air bulb to be adequate to keep the sensor clean even in extremely dusty environments.
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    That's a lot of solution. What did you use it with?

    I dirtied the sensor on my EOS M50 very soon. I saw a speck of dust on it while changing lens in the street, and without thinking I blew on it. So now I had a few spots of spit and one of dust.

    The high-street store where I bought the camera doesn't sell do-it-yourself cleaning things, but would take the camera from me and do it, for significant money, and not right now. So I tried the other camera store, where the man sold me a kit with two solutions (less than 5ml of each) and six single-use swabs. First, you blow with a blower (not your spitty mouth, idiot). Then you run the camera's self-clean, with the sensor facing down. Then you wet a swab with liquid A and wipe the swab across the sensor; it dries in seconds, and you can assess the result. If that didn't clear it, you try liquid B on a fresh swab. That worked for me. I've used the kit twice, so I have one more go until I need more swabs. I still have most of each solution, which is why I think 50ml is a lot.
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