Seems Soft - Focus Off?

Discussion in 'Seeking Critique' started by ericphelps, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. No I didn't miss it, I responded and thanked you in post #10.
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    ...I was only commenting that Barry might have missed it.
  3. Did you test the camera's auto-focus - back/front focusing by taking pics of a ruler?
  4. Makes sense. But if you are looking through the EV, shouldn't you be able to see it is out of focus? I use an X-Pro2 maybe its different than the 100T. In any event its out of focus.
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    Two answers -

    1. Probably, if directly above and the flower was near the centre, then both the EV and Screen should have shown !AF : but if shooting slightly askew, then the camera might have thought that the Photographer wanted the background in focus and did not give that warning.

    2. Yes, I think that someone used to using the camera would have seen the OOF in both the EV and the Screen, but, things like that are also really easy to miss when one is learning a new camera.

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  6. I used an X100S for years and found it alarmingly easy to miss a lot of its warnings (when it was going to overexpose, most notably, but also when I had forgotten to turn the ND back off afterwards). That may be part of it, and I suspect another part may be how easy it is to acquire focus properly but inadvertently move before releasing the shutter, which shows up very clearly in close work like this. I tended to use burst mode and take a few just in case my critical focus was off due to a slightly wobbly hand.
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