Rollei ATP-DC A and B & Spur Modular UR Parts A and B Developers - Shelf Life?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by willscarlett, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Back in September 2013, I bought some Rollei ATP 1.1 and Agfa Copex with the corresponding Rollei ATP-DC A and B & Spur Modular UR Parts A and B developers. I haven't used any of the film yet, which means the developers haven't been used either. I know the film is still good, but how about the developers? All the bottles are still unopened.
  2. Normally the ATP-DC A/B developer can be used till approx. 2 years. About the Modular SPUR developers I do not know.
  3. Split developers usually last a lot longer than ones that come all mixed.
    Also, factory sealed bottles usually last longer than reclosed ones.
    But the usual not good anymore developers that I know are dark enough that there isn't much question.
    But if you really have a question, start with a roll that you won't feel so bad if doesn't come out right.
  4. Yes, these are factory sealed bottles, but who knows. I bought a bottle of Adonal in March 2009 that stayed sealed until October 2015 and is still working great one year later. I also have a sealed bottle of HC-110 that I bought in 2010 and haven't used.
  5. The life span of R09/Rodinal and HC-110 is very long, at least 4 years. Low contrast type developers don't have such a great life span. The first ATP developer not a split type was gone within 10 months.

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