RoBoT II, Back from the dead!

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  1. Serial beginning with F = Robot Luftwaffen-Eigentum
  2. There was NO Robot camera in Berning's catalog named the "Robot Luftwaffen-eigentum". It makes no sense.

    "Luftwaffen-eigentum" just denodes that it was Airforce Property. They were made to order for them (hence the double spring motor, lack of viewfinder and F in the serial number) But again, they are basically still Robot II cameras.
  3. Rick,
    of course the Robot Luftwaffen-Eigentum (note the capital letter E) is an altered Robot II body. And of course a camera that is commissioned by the Air Force wouldn't have been in the consumer's catalogue. The only thing I was pointing out is the relationship between the serial prefix F an the camera type.
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    My all black Robot Luftwaffen Eigentum
    Serial number F575xx-6
    Unfortunately, the shutter of this camera is jammed. I Keep it as a show piece.
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    "LUFTWAFEN EIGENTUM" stamped at camera back
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    The lens a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1:4 75mm lens also has "LUFTWAFFEN EIGENTUM" stamped at back end of lens


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