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  1. riz


    Would be great to hear anything on my photography website. The URL is:
    Riz Abbasi Photography
    Thanks and regards,
  2. Hi there...
    I briefly checked your site. It came up on my screen after a slight delay. In general, I like your overall format. But your 'About' page needs some work. I clicked on that, it came up OK, but the left-hand margin of the page is being hidden. The start of all the lines on the About page were unviewable, at least on my browser. I'm running a fully updated Internet Explorer ver 8 on a fully updated Win XP Pro laptop. So looks to me like you need to add a 1 in margin or something your 'About page'.
  3. Hi there,
    I looked at the site briefly and it seems to work correctly for me (Windows XP/Chrome). I also like the overall look of the site, but it's worth pointing out that by using Flash it's not going to work on an iPad or iPhone if that matters to you.
  4. The site works fine for me, but it looks more like a gallery than actual course/teaching class. In my opinion if you ar building a site that offers classes, more empahsis should be place on the course content rather than the pictures. Actually you could have used more generic type pictures to describe a course-section. Don't get me wrong the site is very well designed one of the best i have seen in a while, but I did not get the feeling that I was looking at a site for a Teaching Course until I saw the heading to the far right of the page.
  5. riz


    Hello all,
    Thank you for taking time out to review my website.
    Harry I have not designed it to mainly focus on course. Its just something that people may notice while browsing but the main objective is not course. Its interesting to know that you perceived it as a course website. I will look into it. Thanks for your positive comments.

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