"Retro" Nikon MILC?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rodeo_joe|1, Jun 1, 2021.

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  1. I had the EC on even the manual only Nikon F2AS but it's one of those thing I have but never used. I much rather use manual when I disagree with the meter than using the EC.
  2. Oh, absolutely.
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  4. The Z fc looks all out of proportion. Exposure compensation dial too small, ISO dial too close to faux prism, and that 28mm lens! 42mm equiv on this camera. The lens has a plastic mount and a "simulated" aperture ring. Today seems like a good day to use my D300...a true Nikon classic.
  5. It's interesting how opinions vary regarding particular models. I really like the Zfc design. I don't like the fact that it's DX but I can understand why Nikon made it so, as they seem to think the Df was too big to answer to those who liked the FM2 size and shape, and not only the Zfc can be smaller but of course a lot less expensive than a Zf might have been, thus it can apply to a different group of customers, including those new to interchangeable lens cameras.

    I like the more liberally moving LCD as I always felt the one-axis movement discriminated against vertical photos, so for e.g. flowers and other low to the ground subjects as well as vertical shots above one's head the design might work very well. I also like that they made it a clear improvement over the Z50 in some areas (including AF). I think this could be a reasonably successful camera. I'm not sure if I'll buy one; if there is some hope of a Zf (FX-format) model then I would likely prefer that. Maybe kitted with the 40/2 compact would be brilliant.

    I can imagine this topic causing long debates about the user interface once Andrew gets on board.
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  6. I just saw the Nikon announcement for this camera. It is NOT FOR ME at any price. Especially not for me at the stated price in the US.
  7. $1?

  8. Actually it's everything I expected but nothing I wanted. However, the price is reasonable in my opinion.
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    Really, I already have way too much junk in my house. My first SLR, a Minolta SRT-101 that I bought in 1972, and my first Nikons, FT-3 and FE that I bought a few years after that, have that kind of controls. Once I switched from the F4 to an F5 in 1997, I quickly found out that I couldn't return to that old style of controls any more. Instead of using the F4 as a back up, I quickly added an F100 shortly after that was available.

    Incidentally, can we continue on a new Z fc thread? Nikon Announce Retro DX Z Body, Z fc, with Retro Lenses
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  10. I wonder just how much bigger it would have to be to put an FX sensor in it?

    Nikon might take that as overly harsh criticism.......:eek:
  11. Do you still have the SRT-101 and the FT-3?
  12. It won't be as thick as the Df because of the Z mount is something like 30mm shorter than the F mount but it would be as tall as the Df which is very very tall for a retro camera.
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    No, I sold all my Minolta stuffs when I was in college. And I traded in my FT-3 in 1989 when I bought my first 80-200mm/f2.8 AF. Now I wish I had kept the FT-3 just for historical, sentimental reasons since that was my first Nikon (Nikkormat). I still own the 43-86mm/f3.5 I bought with the FT-3 and the FE I bought a year after that.

    Again, I started a Z fc thread: Nikon Announce Retro DX Z Body, Z fc, with Retro Lenses
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