"Retro" Nikon MILC?

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  1. Fuji rolled out the X-T1 in early 2014. Closest thing I've ever seen to a digital FE/FM. Maybe Nikon should just rebadge the current X-T4. The Df was an utter dud. Nikon appears rudderless.
  2. it's all still rumours and speculation...

    Part of that rumurs is that it will possibly be an APS-C camera, now tah would make it less interresting for many but more interresting for me .. ;):cool:
  3. Like Fuji did with the Nikon F60 to make a Fuji DSLR, the Fuji S1Pro? Right rudderless...;)
  4. I thought is was the Nikon N80. But any way if anyone consider a mirrorless camera (even an APS-C size) as a digital version Nikon FM/FE then the Df wasn't designed for those people. The idea was that the FM/FE (in fact any f cameras) is an SLR so the digital version of them must be DSLR.and all the f are FX.
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  5. That those early Fuji DSLRs were built on Nikons didn't matter much. It was the Fuji-designed sensor/processor that set them apart.
  6. The Fuji X-T1-4 cameras routinely get mistaken for "old film cameras." Nikon designers seemingly never considered ditching the ancient prism/mirror box for an EVF as the key to a smaller form factor than the hulking Df. Recall the promo hype ahead of the dull thud Df rollout.
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    If you haven't owned and used a Df as I have, your evaluation of no worth. A fine camera with the same sensor as the D4 that produces excellent photos.
  8. It was the F80 (N80 in the States) for the Fuji S2 and S3 Pro.

    ..and the S5 was a modded D200.

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