Re-coating lens, and LTM to bayonet adapters ?

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  1. Is it a good idea to have a lens with a scratched front element re-coated (collapsible M3 Summicron 50mm, and LTM Summarit 50mm)? Are the Leitz LTM-to-bayonet adapters interchangable, ie, can you use a 50mm adapter on a 35mm lens?
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    The adapters are indeed interchangeable, but each one has a notch cut in it to bring up a particular frameline. As far as the scratched front element, it all depends on the depth, width, length, and location of the scratch. Recoating will typically reduce flare, but a lens hood usually qworks fine if the scratch on the front element is negligible. In fact, some people just fill it in with a sharpie to reduce internal reflections.
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  4. So where do you get lenses recoated?
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    Although I've never used them, this spot comes highly recommended.
  6. fill it in with a sharpie​
    Just a technical point, real black India ink is far better. The Sharpie ink does not have enough pigment in it to properly 'black' out the scratch. Otherwise, the trick is a good one, although a lens hood is recommended in any case.
  7. I use wooden round pointed toothpick or skewer as a "brush".
  8. Using a 50mm M adapter with a 35mm lens makes sense only on cameras like the Bessas, on which frames are not automatically called up.
  9. I had my Thorium glass Collapsible Summicron recoated by Focalpoint- looks and works like new. You are very likely to recoupe the cost for Leica glass, which is going for a premium. My lens was like wax-paper, and unusable. Now it my best Summicron.

    Shoot with the lens. Depending on how deep the scratch is, might not be a big difference. Light cleaning marks are not an issue.

    If the scratch is deep into the glass, it cannot be polished out. Focalpoint removes the coating which is usually the problem, and recoats the surface. They cannot remove glass as the focal length would change.
  10. Stephen,
    I don't know where you are located but Malcom Taylor in the UK I believe does recoating of Leica lenses.
  11. All these lenses would be soft fluorite coating wouldn't they? How do they stand up to being on a front element
  12. Brian, interesting remark re: collapsible Summicron being your "best" lense. I find mine to be close to that superlative as well -- for some reason, I have found it preferable to my other 50 Summicrons through the years.
  13. Collapsible Summicron is very sharp in the centre, but only so so at edges. Yes I prefer it too

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