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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by damo75, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Hello,
    Having problem with opening Raw files with my D800.
    I have adobe photoshop elements 7
    have tried everything

    Thank you
  2. Elements 7 does not support the D800. You have two choices.
    1) Upgrade to the latest Photoshop Elements.
    2) Download Adobe's free DNG converter, convert the NEF files to DNG, and process the DNG files in Element 7.
  3. Nikon's free ViewNX2 can convert the D800's raw images to 8 or 16 bit TIF or JPG.
  4. Does ViewNX2 allow you control over processing the raw file or does it only follow the JPEG development style the
    camera writes for the preview that is used for the camera's LCD and histogram?

    I'd update you version of Elements or try Lightroom instead.
  5. You can do quite a few processing steps with the RAW file before saving it to another type.
  6. I have downloaded a trail version of elements 12 and it works fine,so will buy it as I need to upgrade. Thank you for every ones help,much appreciated

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