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  1. Anyone here ever purchase a F2, or for that matter, any camera from Japan? I have a F2AS and I would like to get a DE-1 prism but they cost more than an entire F2 camera. Just don't understand why a DE-1 cost so much.

    Anyway, there are a few F2 cameras being sold from Japan with DE-1's and their price is very affordable. However, I am not sure how much tariff will be when it arrives here in the lovely USA. I also have a F PhotomicFtn and standard eye-level prism. Would just love to have the F2 with the standard prism as well.

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  2. I have bought several lenses shipped from Japan through eBay with good service.. Paid shipping but no surprise tariff. Took 5-7 days and tracking marked the movement of the item. Simply pay close attention to picture details and seller reputation / volume.
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  3. Thanks Mark, without delving too deeply, were the cost of the lenses over $250? I read that is the cut-off for tariff free.
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    Forget the tariff..for all practical purposes isn't applicable on most mail order stuff. Most of my stuff has been well over $250 and I've never been charged.
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    I have bought several lenses & cameras from Japan - all in better condition than described, all worked perfectly. Two keys - use a known seller with good ratings and PayPal. I have never had to pay tariff, but the items were all used.
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  6. You made me missed my F2AS and the DE-1. I bought the F2AS as my very first camera back in 1977. In 1979 I ran across a DE-1 on clearance for $42. I bought it and had lots of fun shooting Kodachrome 64 without any meter. When my F2AS was stolen in 1984 I gave away the DE-1. I missed them both.
    I think the reason for the high price of the DE-1 is that the F2 was introduced with the DP-1 finder and the DE-1 was only a cheap alternative and nobody would buy them. Since nobody would buy them so there are very few of them available today and that was why the store had it on clearance back in 79.
    This is not the same as the F as the F was introduced with the plain prism first and the photomic finder later so there are more of the F with plain finder than F2.
  7. Yes, two lenses were each over $250. Shipped through EMS with tracking. Usually the pictures of the item will be numerous, clear, and large enough to see clear detail from a reputable seller, also including a serial number of the item you are interested in.Also read the description carefully and ask questions if you have them.
  8. Site very slow responding!!!
  9. Sover Wong did my F2AS when I purchased it. I got it from KEH and it was in really good condition. I also bought my F from KEH, plus all my Canon L lenses and 5D. KEH been making some money off of me. LOL My first F2AS was purchased in Korea when I was stationed at the US Embassy. I also get the DE-1 from downtown Seoul. I seem to recall it was not that expensive either. Sold the lot a few years later. Silly me.

    I read the article about the fungus. I looked over the pictures of the camera(s) and they seem clean, but that does not mean they are clean. Oh well, guess i'll just bite the bullet and shell out for a DE-1 sold here in the US.

    Thanks guys for the advice.
  10. You do always have this option if you want the functionality of an eye-level finder, although IMO it does ruin the aesthics of the camera. These are a fair bit easier to find than the DE-1.


    This was the first time I'd tried doing this, although I suspected it would work given the similarity in the prism mounts for the F and F2(and also the fact that they use the same focusing screens).
  11. It is your money and you should do what feels right. Personally, I would not worry about buying from Japan and reputable Japanese dealers. I have done so myself over the years and will probably do so again. As others have mentioned condition of the recieved items and their online photos are often very good. Japan and, say, Malaysia have very different climates in terms of humidity.
  12. Ben, I thought about trying that. But my F2 is black and my F is chrome. Would look a little strange, but it would deffinitely be MINE. LOL

    Heimbrandt, you are 100% correct. I unfortunately quaver back and forth between "do it" and "what it". I have to wait until my indecisiveness quits. Then, on top of that, do I go black F2 or just get another F2 and have one of each? LOL
  13. The DE-1 is for esthetic and not for functional so I wouldn't do that. I either get the real DE-1 or just don't have it and use any of the photomic viewfinder.
  14. Well I cured my indecisiveness and bit the bullet. I should get the F2 by the end of the month. The photos of the camera show normal wear and tear, did not see any major signs of fungus or mold. The DE-1 has a tiny dent at the very top of the prism. I think that maybe that dent can be fixed if I take just the sheet metal to a metal shop. Anyway... again, appreciate the advice and encouragement to just go for it.

  15. Nearly all of my Canon rangefinders and Canon LTM lenses came directly from Japan (e.g., link).
    Condition, superior; mailing time astonishingly quick.

    Of course, like every where else, you take less risk when you buy from someone with a long eBay or whatever history.

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