Processing APX 400 in Rodinal

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  1. Hi, This is my first post, Ive been into photography on and off for a while,
    but am about to use Rodinal for the first time, what is the best time/dilution
    set up to use? the film box says 1:25 for 10 mins, is that the best starting point?
  2. It's ok for a start.
  3. It's ok for a start. There is not "best".
  4. Always start first with what the film box instructions tell's you to do. That way you'll have some idea what you can see and change if you don't like their choice.
  5. I would suggest to use better the processing instructions on the RODINAL bottle.

  6. FWIW, I like this film souped in Rodinal, 1+50, 8.5 min at EI 400, spot meter.

    You may find answers vary quite a bit. This is due to differences in meters, metering habits, enlargers, papers and simply the photograpers like to do things.

    As suggested, try what the box says and change if you need to.
  7. I like it 1-100 16 minutes
  8. Hi, thanks to you all, I'll try doing what the box says first and see what I get, weather hasnt been too brilliant in England for the past few weeks wet and dull typical summer!
  9. mpo


    Jim, did you mean 1+25 ?

    My APX-400 @EI400 gets 8 min @20C in Rodinal 1+25 (maybe I'm just wasting concentrate)
  10. I would suggest to use better the processing instructions on the RODINAL bottle.
    The Rodinal and Agfa 400 developing times are identical.
    The time on the instructions that come with Agfapan APX 400 and Rodinal is 1+25 @ 7 minutes. I have been using the combination for 35 years or so and never seen 1+25 @ 11 minutes, 1+50 @ 11 minutes would be more like it. These of course are starting points depending on light, subject matter etc.
  11. Although I haven't done this combo in some time, my notes tell me that the times I listed are correct. I try to keep accurqate notes, doesn't every Evil Scientist? Every Evil Scientist does test rolls, too!
  12. mpo


    William, the question makes sense and the answer is not that simple.

    I have in front of me two different instruction sheets that came with two differents bottles of Rodinal.

    Both list the time for APX400, @EI400, 20C, 1+25, gamma 0.65, but one says 7 min and the other 10 min.

    In the case of 1+50, times are 11 and 30 (yes, thirty) minutes.

    On the other hand, I also have two obviously different boxes of APX400 and one says 7 min and the other 10 min, both 1+25.

    Expiration dates marked on the boxes tell wich is newer. The newer box says 10 minutes.

    Last weekend I processed a roll of the "new" and the "old" fims together, 8 min 1+25 and I can see no difference between them (except for a little bit higher level of fog in the older, the one that suposedly needs shorter development).

    I hope this helps.
  13. Use 1+25, 68f, 6 min, agitate q30 seconds. It will be very easy to print negatives on grade 2-2.5 paper (condenser).

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