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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by louie_lam, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. I'm a serious amateur photographer living in Long Island, New York. I've bought a used Phototherm SSK-4, it just arrived this morning. I haven't bought any chemistry yet because both B&H and Adorama are closed for the holidays for over a week (How nice is it if somebody works there!!). I tried the processor out with water today and encountered several problems.
    1. Many times it can't detect the processing drum. But if I select "FLUSH", then "DRAIN", it then runs normally and I can select E6, C41... afterwards. Does anybody know why? The drum is securely locked in place. Do I have to drain it everytime before processing films?
    2. When I turn on the machine, I can select "E6 4S", "C41", "B&W", and so on... But I can't figure out how to choose E6 7-step. Only the "PLUS" and "START" buttons are responding. The purpose of buying this machine is mainly for E6. Can anybody help me on this?
    I've read the instruction manual several times and still can't figure that out. And since I work normal hours (9 ~ 5:30), I can't make a phone call to phototherm with the machine in front of me while I'm at home and phototherm's techician is at the office. Can somebody help me?
  2. Thank you Peter. I noticed Alex's Phototherm when I was doing research on Phototherm earlier. It seems that he hasn't been active on Flickr for 2 months. Anyway, I've just sent him a email and hope he'll help me.
    Of course, I still hope somebody here could give me some ideas.
    Happy Good Friday!!
  3. You also might want to try on . They are pretty active over there.
    You might want to raid the baking supplies for some food coloring. Fill some jugs with water and dye each one with a different color, simulating chemicals you want to use. It will make it more visual when figuring out what is going on.
    Good luck!
  4. Thanks. Let me seek help from apug too.
    Well, as I tried the unit this evening, the chemicals (actually water) ran without a problem. Once I got it started, step by step, no mistake.
  5. Oh, I just figured out how to set it to E6 7-step. All I need to do is to hold the "start" button, turn on the machine, follow through the setup procedure until it shows E6, then select 7S, and it's all set!!
    I'll try it tomorrow on the driveway (If it doesn't rain / 'cos I spilled water all over the kitchen this evening =.=" ) to see if I could get everything right.
  6. Louie,
    The processor drum mounts on three points, one being the snout with the O-ring that is inserted in the spindle, the other two are small spots on the bottom of the tank that rest on the right side of the top of the unit. There is a magnet embedded in the tank at one or both of those corners. Inside the case are matching switches which are flipped by the presence of the magnet. The presence or absence of the magnets is how the system detects which drum is mounted. By using one or both positions they can determine that there is a drum mounted and which one it is, three possibilities, which happily matches the number of different tanks.
    Glad you figured out how to switch to the seven-step process, I don't think mine had an option on that. (Hey, E-6 takes seven steps, why even nod to the overpriced wasteful option?)
    Have you read the manual? There is a lot of information in there:
    I haven't been in touch with them for quite a while, haven't even turned mine on for a year now, but because they do a decent business in medical equipment they probably will be able to support the machine for quite a while. Last I checked they would program a custom process for you at no charge, although they charged $100 deposit on the PROM until you returned it. (Maybe it wasn't free, but it was incredibly cheap if it wasn't.) I had them do mine with extra wash, ColorDev, fix, and bleach times plus an extra wash cycle.
    Great machine. Sadly, I need to get rid of mine, plus a quarter ton of chemicals, a Noritsu that I never used, three slide mounters, ...
  7. Hi Louie
    Can't help with the technical questions, but if you place an online order at Adorama today between 10:00 am & 3:00 pm, it will be dispatched on the 27th.
    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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